Authentic Vintage Watch case encapsulating Engagement Ring

Do you work at a job where your wedding ring could be damaged at any moment or your ring is damaging things you work with, but the thought of not wearing it just makes you cringe?

At Lane Mitchell Jewelers, we get that!

We also have solutions for you. Just check out this really neat piece one of our amazingly talented employees came up with for one of our customers…

Authentic Vintage Watch case encapsulating Engagement Ring
Authentic Vintage Watch case encapsulating Engagement Ring

It’s beautiful, right?

So this is what happened…A very nice lady came in one day with a quandary, she works in retail and kept snagging her engagement ring on things. This is obviously a problem as no employee (good one that is) wants to damage things with their engagement ring. So, we took a look and came up with the idea to place it in a genuine vintage pocket watch case, felt the inside of the case to protect the ring and voila! she now has a very unique way to store her engagement ring while at work, but still able to wear it everyday.

This is just one example of the custom jewelry Lane Mitchell Jewelers has designed. With so many ideas out there, and such creativity and knowledge at Lane Mitchell Jewelers, the possibilities are endless of what we can create together.

If you have an idea for a custom piece or you have a quandary with a piece, bring it by our downtown Colorado Springs location to consult with the experts.

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