There are many reasons as to why someone might have a wedding set that they are not comfortable wearing as such anymore; divorce, death, inherited (not really your style), the list can go on.

Whatever that reason may be, Lane Mitchell Jewelers can help.

Our jewelers have extensive practice and knowledge in making jewelry and they really do it right! With creativity and complete precision. They will sit down with you and listen to your hopes, dreams and desires, help you make decisions and ultimately will take it to the drawing board to design you the most fantastic piece of jewelry you can imagine.

For example, one of our customers brought us her wedding ring set after her husband had passed away. She was not prepared to get rid of such a treasure, but also, in today’s world, it’s not socially acceptable to wear without people making assumptions of status and as a young lady did not want to have to explain her situation to everyone that decided to come along and ask.

The team at Lane Mitchell Jewelers came together to make sure her ring was handled with great care as they all knew the love that surrounded it. To her great surprise this is what was designed….

Original Wedding Set
Original Wedding Set
Transformed to this beautiful ring.
Transformed to this beautiful ring.

Wow! is a correct expression. They were able to take something so beautiful and meaningful and make something even more beautiful from it.

The delight in this customers eyes is not an expression that one can explain, only a knowledge that the staff at Lane Mitchell Jewelers had the privilege to be a part of.

Have a similar situation or something all together different, let us help transform your jewelry into something absolutely stunning.

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