Diamond Guide

Diamond Guide

At Lane Mitchell Jewelers we are committed to helping you find the perfect diamond engagement ring.

You can pick from one of our many amazingly priced estate or vintage rings at our Manitou Springs Showroom or schedule an appointment for a consultation at our Colorado Springs location to custom design your own unique engagement ring!

We will sit down with you and teach you all about the 4 C’s and how to select a diamond that is just right for your look and budget. Afterwards we can select from thousands of premade mountings or design a custom piece just for you!

What are the 4 C’s?
Diamonds are graded using the four C’s. The four C’s stand for color, cut, clarity, and carat. Diamonds are graded based on a professional opinion with the standards and outlines as follows:

Color: Diamonds come naturally in every color however color grading is based on the whiteness of diamonds, from D – Z.  Color is one of the biggest determinants of price.

Cut: Cut refers to not only the shape but the quality and proportions of a diamond. Every shape has ideal measurements and proportions to maximize its brilliance.  Some cuts include Round Brilliant, Princess Cut, Marquise, Pear, Emerald cut, Azure cut, and others.

Clarity: Clarity refers to the amount and visibility of natural inclusions inside of a diamond. Because diamonds are made of carbon over 1000 of years, almost every diamond has some inclusions visible only with a magnifier or microscope.

Carat: Carat or carat weight refers to the increment of weight diamonds and gemstones are weighed in.  Prices increase exponentially as the size increases

Many people are choosing colored gemstones for their engagement rings too!  We also carry a large variety of gemstone engagement rings including blue, purple, and yellow sapphires, rubies, and more!

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