Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I want a diamond engagement ring, can I pick out the diamond I want?

    If you want an engagement ring that is uniquely yours, whether it is a designer ring or a custom design, we help you decide what diamond or gemstone is best for you. We take into consideration your budget, your preferences and desires, and show you several diamonds or gemstones that you can chose from. Some people like to pick out the stone first and mount it in a simple classic solitaire ring, propose to their beloved, then come in together to design the perfect ring. However you decide to do it, you can be certain that you will get the perfect ring for both of your to begin your life long journey together!

  • Do I need an appointment?

    We want to give all our customers our undivided attention. If you are looking to buy a unique diamond engagement ring and/or design a custom piece of jewelry, or sell many pieces of high end pieces of estate jewelry, you will need to call for an appointment so we can give you the attention you deserve at a time we have set aside just for you! If you just need a few pieces of jewelry sized or repaired or you are interested in selling a couple of pieces of jewelry, no appointment is necessary. We have many members on our fantastic staff that can help you any time! 

  • Can you make a new piece of jewelry using my old gold?

    If you have “old gold”, we can use it in trade/barter for a new piece of jewelry. Because we can never be certain what alloys have been used in old gold to make it into 14K or 18K, we generally prefer to give you credit towards your new purchase and use “new gold” for a new custom designed piece of jewelry. If the old gold is highly sentimental, we may be able to melt it down and use it towards your new piece; however, we cannot guarantee the quality of the casting.

  • Why can’t you quote my repair over the phone or email?

    There are many factors to consider when buying jewelry or quoting a repair. For example, if a stone fell out of a ring and you need it replaced, we cannot simply pop another stone back in, because we need to address the reason why the stone fell out in the first place. If you are looking to sell us a piece of jewelry, we need to inspect the condition and quality of the stones and the purity of the metal prior to making you an offer. When you come into our downtown store in person, we will give you a quote – however, you are not obligated in any way!

  • Do you buy loose stones?

    Depending on the quality, yes. If you have jewelry with stones in it, you will get more if you keep the jewelry intact. If you have already removed the stones or have loose gemstones, we will definitely take a look at them and see if they meet our standards of quality. Jewelers are more discerning than pawn shops when it comes to quality of the stones we use in our jewelry.

  • How much does it cost to size a ring and how long does it take?

    Because we are professionals and do everything in our shop in Manitou Springs, we take great care of your jewelry and want to make sure we are quoting you an accurate price. Therefore, the quote for the ring sizing depends on many factors. We need to know what metal the ring is, sterling, 14K yellow, 18K white, platinum, etc. Additionally if we are sizing it up, we will be adding metal to the band, so the amount of metal also determines the price. It is more expensive to go up 3 sizes than it is to size a ring down one size. A thick band is more expensive than a thin band. If there are stones in the shank, that will also affect the price of the sizing, as well. A simple sizing usually takes approximately a week. However, if you set an appointment and pay a small rush fee, we can usually do it the same day if necessary. Pricing ranges from $38 for sizing down a simple silver band, to several hundred dollars for sizing up a platinum diamond ring.

  • Is there a minimum for selling my jewelry to you?

    We require a minimum of $25 to purchase your old jewelry. This is easily attended with just a small amount of gold. However, it takes several pieces of silver jewelry to meet this minimum.  The reason we have a minimum is because of the time it takes to do the paperwork required by law (police reports) and the quality time our employees spend with each and every customer that walks in the door.

  • Should I pay for an appraisal if I want to sell my jewelry?

    The simple answer is no! Because jewelry appraisals are done at retail replacement cost for insurance purposes, the amount on the appraisal is what you would pay to replace your jewelry if it was ever lost or stolen. This is not the price you will get if you sell it on the secondary market to a jeweler or pawn shop. In other words, the price of the appraisal is a waste of money if you are going to sell it. We will give you a verbal appraisal for what you can expect to get on the secondary market at no cost to you! We will even tell you want you could expect if you want to try to sell it on your own on eBay, Craigslist, or to a friend/neighbor. Do not pay for an appraisal if you want to sell your jewelry, bring it in to us and we will tell you what it is worth for free! (We may even make you an offer, but you are always free to shop it around or try to sell it on your own.) If you have more than 6 or so pieces, please make an appointment.

  • How long does it take to make a custom piece of jewelry?

    There are many factors involved in a making and designing a custom piece of jewelry. Generally, a good rule of thumb for a completely custom piece is approximately 6-8 weeks, more during the busy holiday season. That time frame would be from a picture or an idea in your head to the completion of the finished piece. Any changes or delays in approval of any of the steps could delay the process. For a “semi-custom” piece of jewelry, where we use an existing designer piece and alter it just for your, it could be as little as a two weeks.

  • How do I feel secure in knowing that I am getting back my original stone after dropping of a repair?

    If you have concerns regarding your jewelry, we understand. This is why we go out of our way to make sure you are comfortable leaving your precious items with us. Each stone is like a snowflake, with its unique characteristics and internal markings. Some are only visible under 10X + magnification. We will encourage you to look at your stone, notice the internal characteristics, and we will make notes of them with you. When you get your piece back, we will compare the stone to the notes we made together, so you can be 100% confident!

  • Do you guarantee your work?

    Our #1 goal is to exceed your expectations! We guarantee our work and our craftsmanship. For a custom piece of jewelry, we give you a warrantee card and do free inspections and polishing every 6 months to make sure your piece is in tip top shape. Just like everything else, jewelry will “wear” with time so we want to make 100% sure that everything is still like new!

  • What is the process for selling my jewelry?

    When you bring your jewelry to us to sell, you can be confident that we are giving you accurate information and fair pricing. We will go over the piece(s) you have to sell, make you an offer if it is something we are interested in purchasing for inventory or scrap, and even encourage you to shop it around to get the most you can for it. We want to see you get the most you can for your piece(s). If we do come up with a mutually agreeable price, you will need to have a valid form of picture ID; we fill out a police report (required by law) and write you a check immediately. If you have a large number of pieces to sell, it is best to call and make an appointment.

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