• How has COVID-19 affected Lane Mitchell Jewelers?

    Lane Mitchell Jewelers has decided to consolidate our stores into one location in Manitou Springs. We are operating at a reduced sales staff with masks as protection. We value our employees and customers and we require masks to enter the store and we provide masks for all our customers, if needed. Keeping our staff and customers safe is a top priority.

  • Can I still get amazing custom designed jewelry and engagement rings?

    YES! We are available in Manitou Springs for full custom design work with an appointment and our inventory in Manitou has grown to include everything from Colorado Springs as well. All our our inventory, all our services, all under one roof at 737 Manitou Avenue.

  • Are you still doing repairs?

    YES: Everything we have done in the past, such as jewelry repair, ring sizings, jewelry restoration, and more is till available in our Manitou Springs location. or you can mail in your repairs. click here to mail in your repairs.

  • Do you still buy gold, vintage jewelery and gemstones?

    YES: We are currently doing all our gold and silver buying out of our store in Manitou Springs. We are always looking to purchase vintage jewelry, engagement rings, scrap chains, loose diamonds, Native American silver jewelry and more. If you have more than three pieces to sell, please call and set an appointment at 719-685-2441