Jewelry Repair

With proper care your jewelry can last for generations!

At Lane Mitchell Jewelers all repairs are done in-house by one of our experienced jewelers.  Lane has over 40 years of experience!

We take pride in our quality craftsmanship and fair pricing. Some of our services can even be done while you wait!

CLICK HERE for Mail in Repair Form if you are from out of town

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Here is a list of some of our more common repairs & services:

Ring Repair
Ring Sizing
Sizing Rings Up or Down
Retip or Rebuild Prongs
Rhodium Plate Ring
Reshank Ring
Check and Tighten Stones
Solder Wedding Set Together

Set Diamonds

Reset new stones

Chain Repairs:
Repair Break
Shorten Chain
Replace Clasp

Repair Break
Repair/Replace Clasp

Watch Batteries (at both of our locations)

Jewelry Insurance Appraisals (Colorado Springs Location)

Please call or come in to inquire about pricing or other services.

Lane Mitchell is a Master Jeweler with four decades of experience working with jewelry.