Asking the Right Questions to Help You Decide Where to Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs

The pieces of jewelry you own are not just mere accessories that you wear mainly for fashion purposes. These valuable items may mean so much more to you. But sometimes under difficult circumstances, you may have to sell your jewelry. Of course, you would want to have the assurance that your item will not fall in the wrong hands as well as the guarantee that you will be given the best deal for it.

What you need to ask buyers before selling to jewelry stores in Colorado Springs

Once you have decided to sell your jewelry, you have to be thorough in evaluating potential buyers. Below are the six most important questions that you need to ask before you sell your jewelry to anyone:

  1. “How long have you been in the jewelry business?”

    Nowadays, it is quite common to see different jewelry stores Colorado Springs claiming that they buy jewelry. It is a must that you should ask your buyer about their years in the business. This way, you would be able to judge if they have the right knowledge and experience to properly evaluate your items.

  2. “Do you have any testimonials from previous customers?”

    Do your research about the buyer and look for testimonials or reviews from their previous clients. That way, you will have another opinion about the legitimacy and performance of the buyer. It gives you more information that can help you decide if they are the right buyer for you.

  3. “How will you evaluate the items?”

    The next important thing that you should ask your buyer is how they will evaluate your item. You need to deal with someone who has the right knowledge about the factors that affect market prices. It is also ideal for you to do some research about the market so you will have an idea about it. Go with someone who uses standardized or certified methods.

  4. “What is the basis of your jewelry appraisals?”

    Appraising gold, silver, and platinum jewelry is not a complicated process, so it can be done just right in front of you. You will then be able to guarantee that your item is evaluated thoroughly and you will be given the right price for it.

    A reputable buyer will appraise your jewelry based on five factors which are: <ol type=“a”> <li>the type of metal</li> <li>the weight of the item</li> <li>the purity of the metal</li> <li>diamonds and gemstones included</li> <li>spot price</li> </ol>

  5. “Do you include the value of the diamonds and gemstones in the final price?”

    A diamond always gives additional value to any jewelry item. So if your jewelry item has diamonds in it, then the final price the buyer gives you must include its value. Small diamonds that are .20 carat, also known as melee, do not add value to your item and are not included in the final price. Gemstones are semi-precious stones which do not have any resell value. Considering the size of a gemstone included in the jewelry, the buyer may have to subtract its weight to get the exact value of the precious metal.

  6. “What is the payment method?”

    It would be ideal for buyers to pay for the item on the spot. It should preferably be in cash so you can avoid any issues. Also, a reputable buyer would typically require you to provide documents to serve as proof of your identification as well as your ownership of the item.

Where to sell jewelry In Colorado Springs?

In Colorado Springs, there are a number of jewelry buyers that you can go to if you wish to sell your jewelry. But how can you know the right place that will give you the best deal for your item?

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