Avoid Selling Mistakes, Get Jewelry Appraisal Colorado Springs, Follow Other Tips

Colorado Springs is home to some of the best jewelers in the market—all of whom have the reputation, credibility, experience, professionalism, and availability of products that make them an excellent choice all the time.

So, if you’re planning to sell your precious jewels, you can certainly find a good buyer. Just make sure to choose the right one. With a competent jewelry appraisal Colorado Springs, you can get the right dollar value for a piece of jewelry so you can make good money.

There’s a good number of consumers who buy jewelry. A 2018 survey revealed that 56.34% of respondents aged 18 to 29 years bought jewelry or watches in the United States. The numbers increased by 0.6% with respondents aged 30 to 49 years. Respondents aged 50 to 64 years made the least number of purchases of jewelry or watches at 25.0 36%.

The market for jewelry is still very much alive. And, if you can find the best place to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs, the higher your chances are of getting paid well for your jewelry.

Jewelry Appraisal Colorado Springs

The previous appraisal of your jewels will no longer apply a month, six months, or a year after because of the significant fluctuation of the value of jewelry and gemstones. It is important that you get it re-appraised, especially if you want to have the piece insured.

There are different types of appraisals to suit different purposes, such as for tax, resale, or insurance. With both the precious metals and gems considered in an appraisal, you’re sure to get the best value for every piece. This is important if you plan to resell your jewels. Failure to do so is one of the common mistakes that sellers commit.

Dos and Don’ts of Selling Jewelry

Don’t sell without knowing the value

As previously mentioned, not having your jewelry appraised before selling is a big mistake. You run the risk of getting less than what your precious items are worth. So, make an appointment with a jewelry appraisal Colorado Springs store has to know exactly the current value of your jewels before you consider any potential jewelry buyer.

Don’t rush the sale

Even if you really need the proceeds from a jewelry sale for an important financial reason, don’t rush. This can cost you a big sum, especially if you skip a thorough inspection or cleaning of jewelry.

If a buyer senses the urgency, they can also beat you at the negotiation table. So, take time to understand the process and to visit a jewelry repairs Colorado Springs shop if needed.

Do use a reputable buyer

Research and find out where to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs to get maximum returns. Look for a professional buyer who can determine the exact value of your jewelry and who will not pressure you to accept an offer quickly.

Sell Your Jewelry to Lane Mitchell Jewelers

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