Buying a Rose Gold Engagement Ring: How to Pick the Best Style and Design

The popularity of rose gold jewelry has been on the rise as of 2019. The timeless look of gold paired with the modern rosy hue appeals to people who want both classic and modern styles. This is one of the reasons why rose gold engagement rings are also growing in popularity. It is a timeless option but with a modern twist.

If this is the style for you, then you might want to consider this for your engagement ring. Spare yourself the hassle of looking for jewelry repairs in Colorado Springs to restore a vintage ring. You can find plenty of stores in Colorado that can provide you with modern styles, such as rose gold engagement rings.

4 Renowned Features of Rose Gold Engagement Ring to Consider

Why Choose Rose Gold Engagement Ring and How to Find the Right One (Image Source: Unsplash)

Rose gold is mined in the same way as any other gold jewelry. But since pure gold is naturally soft and delicate, it must be reinforced with other types of metals. In the case of rose gold, copper is added to the metal gold mixture to make it more durable.

This 2019, this combination has created a stunning rosy hue that is sought after by jewelry buyers. Below are some tips you need to keep in mind when buying rose gold engagement ring:

Unique Appearance

One of the main reasons to choose rose gold engagement ring is the fact that it creates a unique & distinctive look. Even when it has risen in popularity within the last decade, white and yellow gold is still the go-to option for many. Choosing rose gold is, therefore, a great way to show that you have an eye for distinctive styles that stand out.


Rose gold is a flattering choice for anyone. This color would suit any skin tone and can satisfy any jewelry preference. If you are not sure what type of engagement ring to give your significant other, it is the best and safest choice.


Rose gold engagement ring is also versatile. This particular style of gold jewelry combines both classic and modern elements. It can, therefore, suit anyone who prefers modern or traditional styles.

Easy to Maintenance

Rose gold engagement ring is easy to maintain. This is another practical reason to choose rose gold when buying an engagement ring. It will never fade like white gold.

Plus, it is combined with copper along with zinc and nickel so it is durable. The rose gold color and shine do not come from the surface but a result of the mixture of different metals in the alloy.

Looking for Jewelry Repairs in Colorado Springs?

Why Choose Rose Gold Engagement Ring and How to Find the Right One (Image Source: Unsplash)

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