Tips on Caring for Native American Antique Jewelry in Colorado Springs

Caring for Native American jewelry is important if you want to respect the value and craftsmanship of each piece. Whether you intend to sell antique jewelry in Colorado Springs or you want to preserve it for many years, knowing how to give it proper care is essential for its upkeep. Native American jewelry is typically handcrafted and they are more than just items of adornment. Every piece is a work of art because it is created with a skill that the maker spent years to learn and master. Each piece is a testament to the artistic vision. If you own a piece of Native American antique jewelry, make sure you know the proper way to care for them and to keep them looking good for longer.

How NOT to Care for Native American Jewelry

How to care for antique jewelry (Image Source: Unsplash)

Before you learn how to care for Native American antique jewelry, it is important to know the things you must avoid doing. Without proper knowledge on how to care for jewelry, you could easily do more harm than good without even knowing it. These are some general notes that you need to consider when caring for Native American jewelry:

  • Never use toothpaste when cleaning jewelry, especially the metal around it. Toothpaste can cause damage to the surface of the metal. It can also scruff certain types of gemstones. When this happens, you have damaged the jewelry beyond repair.
  • Just like toothpaste, you should never use bleach when cleaning your jewelry. This can also cause the metal and gemstones to deteriorate. Other cleaning solutions such as ammonia, denatured alcohol, and acetone must be avoided, too.
  • Do not soak the jewelry in a cleaning solution.
  • Never ever use steam cleaners or ultrasonic devices to clean the jewelry.
  • Never go into a swimming pool with your jewelry on. The chlorine that is present in the swimming pool water can cause your gemstones to break down. Make sure to remove them before getting into the water. It is also important to wipe yourself dry of the pool water before putting them back on.
  • When storing your Native American antique jewelry, keep it away from direct sunlight. When the gemstones are exposed to the sun for long periods of time, they can fade and lose their shine. Choose a cool and dark spot to store them in.
  • Additional Tip: Make it a habit to clean your antique jewelry after every use. This will help to eliminate any of your body oil attached to the material. Use a gentle polishing cloth to wipe it clean. There is no need to wet or scrub it.

Care Guide

Now that you are aware of what to avoid when cleaning antique jewelry in Colorado Springs, it is important to delve into how to properly clean them.

The simplest approach to cleaning antique jewelry is to use a soft brush (you can use an old toothbrush for this). You can also use a soft cloth as an alternative. Use these cleaning materials to gently remove any tarnish on the materials. Be very gentle when wiping or scrubbing and apply only medium pressure. You can also use a mild soap cleaning solution but never ever soak the jewelry in it. With antique jewelry, you have to be extra careful that you do not remove the patina. You also want to maintain the weathering that shows the age of the jewelry item. If that is gone, you could also lose the value of the antique piece.

An integral part of caring for your antique jewelry is to store it properly. Choose a dark and cool spot to keep your jewelry in so you can prevent tarnish or any form of discoloration. You can also opt to keep them in an airtight bag as exposure to the air can contribute to tarnishing the jewelry. The only exception to this storing method is any piece of jewelry that has been intentionally oxidized.

Be careful not to bend or stretch any part of the metal on the jewelry during the cleaning process. Once any part of it is bent or stretched, it can cause the gemstones to loosen. If you have bent them unintentionally, you should take the jewelry to an expert jeweler so they can be adjusted.

Finally, prevention is better than any method of cleaning or restoration. When you are performing certain tasks such as gardening or washing the dishes, remember to take the jewelry off. Dirt and other substances can get into the crevices of the jewelry. Some of them may be easy to clean and remove while others are not. Thus, it is best to prevent them so that you can protect the integrity of your precious items.

Professional or DIY Cleaning?

When it comes to choosing between cleaning the antique jewelry yourself or hiring a professional, it depends on your preference. You can easily find kits for cleaning jewelry in your nearby store or online. These kits make it easier to do your own cleaning at home. Doing your own maintenance cleaning at home can save you a great deal and also keep your jewelry looking new all the time.

Tips for cleaning Native American antique jewelry (Image Source: Unsplash)

But if your antique jewelry is in need of major restoration, it is best to leave that to professionals. You can end up causing more harm than good when you try to fix the problem yourself. There are a lot of cleaners out there that contain toxic substances or chemicals that can damage the jewelry, so get the experts to do the job for you.

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