4 Questions You Should Ask When Picking Your Wedding Ring Designer

One of the most stressful parts of the entire wedding planning ordeal is the selection of the ring. This decision comes with its own risks and frustrations. Not only does the wide selection of rings available in the market make the choice more difficult, the actual facts behind the creation of the ring—the types of metals, 4Cs, shapes and cuts of diamonds, and a lot more—add to this experience. If you want to have more control over factors like these, it is best that you opt for a customized wedding ring made by a great jewelry designer. But how do you make sure that you’re hiring the best one for your needs?

If you are searching for jewelry designers in Colorado Springs, you ought to do some research online before going to their showroom. Here we have listed some questions that you can ask your wedding ring designer:

Finding a wedding ring designer is not as easy as you think. (Image from: Unsplash)

Were the previous customers of the designer satisfied with his services?

When it comes to jewelry, the reviews and recommendations from customers and especially from any of your family members or friends are gold! Always ask for word of mouth recommendations and check online resources for reviews to know what the designer’s previous customers liked or even disliked about his work.

Is the designer experienced and certified?

Given that your wedding ring is a purchase you will cherish for a lifetime, you cannot risk hiring untrained jewelers. Always check the designer’s credentials. Ask questions about his reputation, his years working in the industry, and his certifications and education. Ask if the designer has certifications from industry educators like the Jewelers of America, American Gem Society, and/or Gemological Institute of America.

Is there nothing suspicious about the designer’s fine print?

One of the things you should really look out for is the side perks for hiring jewelry designers in Colorado Springs. Check for their return policies, warranties, and guidelines. Do they offer routine cleanings or perform repairs? If they provide excellent lifelong customer service to their clients, that is a good indication that the jewelry designer is established and trusted.

Above all, does the jeweler listen to you?

Once you contact the wedding ring designer, you can start to pick out cues about his personality. Pushing their own style or design in mind, focusing on the price, or not giving any suggestions that fit your needs are some of the red flags you should watch out for. A good designer is someone who understands your needs and helps you in narrowing down your choices so you won’t end up feeling overwhelmed and conflicted.

With these four crucial questions to ask yourself and your wedding ring designer, you can now hire one with more peace of mind.

How to find a Native American wedding ring designer in Colorado Springs?

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