Top Options for Choosing the Right Ring for Men

Looking for the perfect ring to gift your boyfriend or husband? Or for your brother or father? This guide will help you narrow down your choices and get that band that will wow that special man in your life!

Quick Pointers

Before we delve into the top options for men’s rings, here are some quick pointers:

  • Rings for men need not always be plain and simple. They used to be what times have changed and more expressive options are now available. Expand your search to them.
  • Do consider the recipient’s taste before committing to a purchase.
  • Gemstone-studded rings for men are now more widely available and you can consider the meanings and emotions tied to each gemstone to elevate your gift.
  • When choosing the width of the ring, carefully take a good look at the wearer’s hands. The rule of thumb is to choose wider bands for bigger hands and thinner rings for smaller hands. You can, of course, not follow this depending on what other considerations you may have.
  • When it comes to ring sizing, note that size charts may vary a bit between jewelers. In this case, you might want to speak more about this with your chosen jewelry shop.
  • There is a wide range of prices as well. Plus, you can choose to go down the ready-made or customized route. However you go about it, it is important to transact with a reputable jeweler for the best value for your money.

Which Types of Rings Should You Give a Guy?

Now, which ring is perfect for your man? To make the choice less difficult, consider these three categories - rings with gemstones, metal rings, and custom-designed rings.

Rings with Gemstones

Gem-studded rings come in various forms and sizes. Some have bold designs with gems that are placed in a noticeable manner. Others, meanwhile, have understated designs or lashings that are quite subtle. There is something for people’s varying tastes.

Now, the question is - which gem should a man’s ring have? Here are some of the most popular choices out there:


Diamond rings, while often marketed for women, are not confined to that demographic. They can be a popular choice for men’s rings, too. After all, diamonds have that elegance and sophistication that are hard to beat. Additionally, diamond rings are not hard to pair with a wide variety of outfits and can be worn proudly during numerous special occasions. Overall, diamond rings are a perfectly good choice for guys.


Any man who appreciates hues related to the ocean will also appreciate an aquamarine ring. Aside from that, if you are looking for a gift that celebrates the values of courage, loyalty, faithfulness in a relationship, or deep friendship - then an aquamarine ring will fit the bill.


In the language of gems, the amethyst signifies clarity and courage as well. It is also often tied to nobility. For a man of pride and strong confidence in who they are and the values they hold dear, this type of ring will be a great gift.

Black Diamond

For a man who prefers more understated gemstones, consider giving him a black diamond ring. This one is all about sophistication as well as boldness and a sense of daring. Get one with a modern design for that extra flair and sleekness.

Metal Rings

If gemstones are not right up your man’s alley, no worries. There are numerous metal rings out there you can choose from.

Top modern options are white gold, black gold, rose gold, silver, and platinum.

White gold gives that metallic hue that is bright and stands out. Compared to silver, it won’t require a lot of polishing to retain its brilliance. White gold rings make a fantastic choice for men as they convey that elegance and the feel of luxury quite well.

As for Black gold, this combines gold and a rhodium plating to achieve the dark hue. Any man who prefers black-colored jewelry will find this option really nice. They won’t have any problem wearing this type of ring with any kind of outfit either. Plus, it can provide that sleek and cool look without being considered too ostentatious.

Rose gold, meanwhile, is for anyone who wants to stand out a bit more and be more unique in terms of the jewelry they wear. But what is rose gold exactly? This is an alloy that is a combination of copper and gold. The end result is that warm rose or pinkish color. Rose gold rings can be quite stunning and stylish.

Silver rings are yet wonderful options. They are beautiful to look at and are tasteful enough without being too heavy on the wallet compared to gold and diamond rings. The wearer won’t have any problem pairing it with a bunch of outfits either. A lot of maintenance won’t be required as well.

Last but not least are Platinum rings. They take on a silvery hue and have their own brilliance that won’t lose out to other metals. They are also great for any sophisticated man and are quite popular.

Custom Designed Rings

While there are many ready-made rings out there that you can pick up from a jewelry store, you can go the extra mile by having a ring customized.

The benefit of doing it this way is that you can tailor-make the ring exactly according to your man’s tastes. Adding designs with special and deep meanings between the giver and the recipient is possible as well. Aside from that, something that is unique and one of a kind will surely make whoever receives the ring extra happy.


Now that you have this guide, we hope that choosing the best ring for that special man in your life is now easier. We here at Lane Mitchell Jewelers are always at your services when it comes to buying and selling your jewelry.

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