Colorado Jewelry Shopping Guide: Diamond Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring, a diamond ring is hard to beat. Before you shop for one in Colorado jewelry stores, though, you need to have a better idea on what to look for. With the right information, you will make the most of your budget to find the perfect ring.

Shopping for a Diamond Ring in Colorado Jewelry Stores

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Each diamond ring is unique. You must consider the personality and style of the recipient in choosing the perfect ring. There are several qualities that you need to look into when making your choice, such as the following:

Diamond Shape – The shape of the diamond is the first consideration when shopping in jewelry stores in Colorado Springs. Round diamond is one of the most popular shapes and is ideal for those looking for a classic style. Next to round diamonds, are princess-cut diamonds. Choosing the shape of a diamond ring does not involve specific guidelines and is more according to personal style.

Diamond Size - The next consideration when choosing a diamond engagement ring is the size. Budget is one of the factors that will determine the size of the diamond. The larger it is, the more expensive the ring will be. A 0.5 carat diamond measures approximately 4.9-5.3 mm in diameter while a 2.0 carat diamond can measure up to 8.3 mm. The actual sizing of the diamond might vary according to the jewelry store that you buy it from.

The Four C’s– The four C’s (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat) are also very important factors to consider when buying an engagement ring. These ensure the quality of the diamond. The Cut impacts the sparkle and brilliance of the ring, while the Color can also affect the value and price. The Clarity of the diamond will ensure that it is free from any flaws, especially when viewed by the naked eye. And finally, the Carat weight factors in the size and overall quality of the diamond.

Want to Find Your Ideal Diamond Engagement Ring?

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A diamond engagement ring is a huge and meaningful purchase. You have to make the investment count by choosing the best quality diamond ring. At Lane Mitchell Jewelers, we know the gravity of this decision. That is why we have committed to offering you the best options when it comes to quality diamond engagement rings.

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