Choosing the Right Engagement Ring Cut - What to Consider?

When you examine a wedding ring or engagement ring, what is the first thing you notice? Aside from the stone, the cut is one of the most important features of a ring. It is a huge component to the overall style. Plus, it can determine how much the ring sparkles when light is reflected on it.

But as there are many cuts to choose from, how do you choose? This is something to consider when shopping around jewelry stores in Manitou Springs.

Choosing the Right Cut

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Each ring cut has unique characteristics. Find out what these characteristics are so you can make the right choice:

Round Cut

This is probably the most popular and classic ring cuts out there. This type of cut can create a good sparkle when properly reflected with light – no wonder why it’s famous!

Princess Cut

This is one of the most popular cuts for those who like a ring that looks feminine. The eponymous cut feature rectangular sides with a square face. It is incredibly versatile and can work with any ring style. If you want a simple but elegant ring, this is the best cut for you.

Cushion Cut

The rounded corners and larger facet showcases the brilliance of the stone to its fullest.

Emerald Cut

The rectangular step cut and cropped corners are some of the distinctive characteristics of open cut ring. It is popular with modern brides for its art deco vibe. This is also great for those who want an understated yet elegant style as the cut exudes that.

Asscher Cut

This cut was named after the jeweler who innovated this particular cut of diamond or stone. It is characterized by an octagonal shape with large step facets. The four-prong mounting makes this cut look more like a square. Its reflective brilliance and modern update to a classic cut makes it popular.

Radiant Cut

This particular ring cut stays true to its name as it catches the radiance of light in a big way. It is recommended for those looking for a ring with a big sparkle.

Want to Customize Your Engagement Ring?

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