Giving Jewelry Often Symbolizes Love and Affection for Someone and Here Is How That Came to Be

Giving gifts to loved ones have always been a common practice amongst people. Flowers, books, and clothes, for example, are common ways to express appreciation for close comrades.

But then when the gift is jewelry, we all know that’s a different case. This means you are giving it to someone very special. The person giving the prized gem is expressing how deep he or she feels for the receiver of the gift.

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How It Started

The history of how jewelry came to become this iconic is much to complicated. So, we’ll give you a gist of it.

Jewelry is typically given to the female partner today. But it used to actually be the men who started wearing the pieces in the 19th century. They wore it to show their social status.

Men and women also wore jewelry to ward off evil spirits or wore them because they were believed to have magical powers.

During the 1800s, it became a fashion statement to wear jewelry. But because the belief that gems had certain powers still circulated, some adopted this belief and transformed it into thinking that jewelry was a special kind of stone only meant for the special people in their lives.

Symbolizing Love

During the Ancient Egyptian times, gems were given as gifts in weddings or payments for dowry. In the Victorian Era, jewelry became a symbol of love for platonic and romantic relationships.

This trend in the past became the trend today. We now add special meaning to the gemstones we give by gifting them to people we care about the most.

Jewelry Today

Jewelry available today

Jewelry started to be massed produced because of the high demand for it. But even though there were plenty of it going around, the meaning stayed the same.

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What Do the Gem Colors Mean?

Different gems symbolize different things. For example, turquoise symbolizes love, loyalty, and good health. Pearls, on the other hand, show beauty and innocence. Amethyst gems show you have a deep love for someone. Emerald gems show both love and passion at the same time. And Ruby, a popular gem, signifies passion.

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