Guide for Diamond Buyers in Colorado Springs When Shopping for Stud Earrings

Buying diamond jewelry is not as straightforward as it seems. This precious stone can be extremely expensive. It takes a trained eye to be able to identify quality and authenticity. For the diamond buyers in Colorado Springs, particularly those investing in diamond stud earrings, you need to educate yourself first. The more you know about diamonds, the better able you will be to find the right piece of jewelry to invest in.

Tips for Buying Diamond Stud Earrings

Buying a pair of diamond stud earrings is a good investment. Diamonds are precious stones with a classic look. If you want to maximize the earrings’ style statement, it pays to invest in the right pair. So, ollow these tips when shopping for diamond stud earrings:

  • Choose the right shape of diamond stud to match your face shape. It’s important to choose a flattering style that would look good on you. Elongated cuts of diamond studs are suitable for those with a broader face. On the other hand, choose a radiant or emerald cut when you have a round face shape. This will create an impression of length and serve to balance out the natural face shape.
  • If you have an elongated or oval face shape, choose symmetrical shapes like princess or round cut diamond studs. But if you want a classic shape, choose a round cut diamond. It is suitable for any face shape and also has better sparkle compared to other cuts.
  • Make your choice based on the quality of the center diamond. Diamond stud earrings are designed to be simplistic. It is important to choose high-quality diamonds to make a big impression. If you can afford it, choose the diamond stud with the highest karat or brilliance.
  • Look at the workmanship of the diamond setting. The setting determines the look and overall style of the stud earrings. A common type of setting is the basket style diamond stud earrings. It is called as such because the diamond stud appears to be sitting on a basket. Another option is the prong martini style diamond stud earrings. There are 3- or 4-prong settings that you can choose from. Like the basket style earrings, this is also a classic design that is timeless. A few other setting options include bezel and halo-style earrings. You can choose whichever setting suits your personal style preferences most.

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