Guide to Ring Sizing in Colorado Springs

Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest investments anyone could make. But there is nothing worse than buying the most gorgeous ring only to realize it won’t fit. This is a common mistake people commit when buying rings. To avoid the same error, take note of the tips below in this guide to ring sizing in Colorado Springs.

Tips for Picking the Right Ring Size

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Engagement rings are not inexpensive. If you want to make your investment count, you have to make sure you get the size right the first time. Follow these tips to help you choose the right ring size when you shop:

  • Enlist the help of one of your partner’s friends. Make your life easy and use the people around to get the information you need. You can ask the friend to measure her ring size, or ask her upfront about her ring size. No one has to know that the information is delivered to you!

  • Borrow one of the rings that she wears. If you live in the same place, this would be easy to do. You can sneak into her jewelry box and find a ring that she wears so you can use it as gauge for buying your engagement ring. Just make sure you return the ring in time before she goes looking for it!

  • If you’re worried about borrowing the ring, you can take a pen and a piece of paper to trace the inside of the ring. Expert jewelers will be able to use this as a sample when helping you pick the right ring size.

  • Take into account the width of the ring. The sizing across all rings might be similar but the width of the actual ring can affect how it fits. Wide rings have the tendency to fit more snugly than other types of rings. When buying an engagement ring with a wide band, it is recommended that you choose a quarter of a size higher.

  • When all else fails, there are plenty of jewelry stores within the area of Colorado Springs that can do a ring re-sizing. When re-sizing a ring, choose only expert professionals to ensure that it looks as pristine as it was before it got altered. An important reminder though: there are certain types of rings that cannot be re-sized. Some examples include stainless steel rings, titanium rings, tungsten rings, and eternity rings with gemstones on the band.

Where to Go for Ring Sizing in Colorado Springs

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