Guide to Sell Silver in Colorado Springs and Gain Good Profits from a Sale

Are you planning to sell silver in Colorado Springs? How quickly you can get your silver jewelry off your hands will depend on several factors. Knowing what they are and what you need to do will ensure a successful sale. When that happens, you can get rid of silver pieces that don’t appeal to you anymore and make room for items that you love to wear.

With all the jewelry stores Colorado Springs has, you may think that selling your silver jewelry is quick and easy. But the question is; how much would you get for it?

How to Sell Silver in Colorado Springs for the Best Price

1) Evaluate the value of the silver jewelry

The best craftsmanship can fool anyone into believing that what they own is rare or valuable silver jewelry. This might not be the case since some might be scrap or melt value.

To avoid being scammed or to be told that the pieces you own are worth scrap value, have them evaluated through a jewelry appraisal Colorado Springs company This is the best way to know the market value of your silver jewelry. After all, a piece with a high sentimental value doesn’t necessarily equate to a high value in the jewelry trade. Silver pieces also depreciate in value. So, look for the markings to understand how much silver is used for a specific piece in order to have an idea of what it could be worth:

  • 999 means the jewelry contains 99.9% silver
  • 925 means a piece contains 92.5% silver, commonly known as sterling silver
  • 800 means the jewelry contains 80% silver
  • 500 means a piece contains 50% silver

Buyers are rarely interested in silver-plated jewelry.

2) Don’t polish silver before selling it

Doing so can decrease its value. It is best to keep it unpolished rather than looking shiny and new. If you really want to clean it up a bit, wipe it down using a polishing cloth designed for jewelry. Or, take it to a jewelry store that offers cleaning services for silver pieces.

3) Sell to the highest bidder

You can sell silver jewelry all on your own online or in flea markets, but it will be more convenient on your part if you simply sell it to jewelry stores. This is especially true if you don’t have the time to take pictures, upload them online, and wait for the highest bidder. But make sure to visit different potential buyers and compare prices. Ask for recommendations from people you know or check online for respectable buyers.

The best price should be the same as the appraised value of your silver jewelry or higher. Remember that jewelry is often paid per ounce.

4) Sell silver Jewelry to Lane Mitchell Jewelers

We are a locally owned and operated business in Colorado Springs that buys gold, vintage, and silver jewelry for the best price. We are highly interested in pieces that are desirable for resale. If you think your silver jewelry has that important factor, bring it to us and we will pay you more than other jewelers.

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