How and Where to Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs for a Big Profit

When it comes to selling heirloom jewelry, it’s not a matter of where to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs, but whether you can part with it without a piece of your heart breaking.

But it is also a fact that vintage jewelry tends to fetch a good price, especially if they’re made of high-quality precious stones. So, if you’ve decided to sell heirloom pieces, make the most of them.

The best place to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs is one that offers top dollar for vintage pieces. Don’t settle for anything else. To ensure you get more than the market value of an heirloom jewelry, there are some things you need to do beforehand.

What you need to do to get the best price for heirloom jewelry

  • Clean and polish

What better way to make a vintage piece shine than to have it cleaned or polished? You can follow DIY methods or take it to a jeweler that specializes in heirloom pieces. Make sure you know and trust the cleaner to take care of and restore your precious items to their former glory.

  • Jewelry appraisal

This is the best way to get a good understanding of the market value of a piece of jewelry. But be sure to get multiple appraisals from two or three dealers for better estimates.

Expect the figures to be different from one appraiser to another, although it should not vary too greatly. From there, you can put a better price on the vintage jewelry that you want to sell.

  • Gem grading report

If an heirloom has sapphires, diamonds, or other precious gemstones, it is recommended to get a gem grading report along with multiple appraisals.

The report acts like a birth certificate that ensures a piece is not undervalued by a dealer. It would also protect gemstones from being switched.

  • Original packaging

When you sell jewelry Colorado Springs jewelers or pawnbrokers, it is best to include the original box. Packaging in good condition and from a renowned brand has the potential to increase the value and prestige of your jewelry.

There have been cases where a vintage Tiffany box roused more interest than the jewelry inside it. If that adds to the overall price, then so much better.

Where to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs

Now that you have what you need to get top dollar for heirloom jewelry, it’s time to search for buyers.

One of your options is to sell on consignment to a dealer who is likely to find the right buyer for vintage jewelry.

Heirloom pieces are not for everyone and often suit certain tastes. The more a buyer loves a particular piece, the higher the price a dealer could place on it. Selling on consignment, however, is only good if you’re not under time pressure.

Another option is to sell online. You may be charged 10% of the sale’s final value, especially if you sell on larger online marketplaces.

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