How to Choose the Best Custom Design Engagement Rings in Colorado Springs

The jewelry store is your go-to place for engagement rings. However, some may just go to the jewelry store and buy one that fits their taste and preferences. But, did you know that customizing can convey a deeper meaning and connection?

Indeed, it showcases a more significant symbolism of your marriage vow. This article shall explain why it is a good choice to go with a Colorado Springs custom design engagement ring. Also, we shall discuss which kind of diamond would make it more valuable.

An engagement ring often symbolizes a couple’s promise for marriage. (Image Source: Pixabay)

The Impact of Colorless Diamonds on Custom Design Engagement Rings

Many may be familiar with how colorless diamonds remain as one of the most valuable stones. Women desire to have it mounted on their engagement rings since they are of high value?”

Here is what you need to know about colorless diamonds and how it fits best for a custom design engagement rings:

Colorless diamonds and Diamond Grading

Described as the stones without any visible tints of yellow, colorless diamonds are usually graded D. This is based on the grading scale of the Gemological Institute of America.

Moreover, the “near to colorless” ones are graded as G, H, I, or J. The ones with visible yellowish color are graded from K to Z.

Colorless Diamonds VS Yellowish Diamonds

Many would argue the value of colorless diamonds. The factors that matter are its high price, how pure it is, and its splendor. But what makes up the high value of colorless diamonds is its “rarity.” Since they are not very common, it is quite more expensive and sought after.

Colorless Diamonds or Tinted Diamonds

The value of a diamond based on its color varies on its rarity. Between colorless and yellowish diamonds, colorless ones are of higher value due to them being rare. With regards to colorless diamonds and blue or red diamonds, the latter is more expensive since it has the rarest color or kind that you can find.

However, yellowish diamonds are not generally considered as “lower value.” Diamonds with yellow tints are lower in value compared to colorless ones. But, there are yellow diamonds with distinctive fancy hues which are not the same as the “low-quality” ones that are expensive.

Affordability and Setting

Choosing an engagement ring doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend fortunes to get a high-value diamond to top it off. The setting of the engagement ring is one thing to consider for a custom-made design.

If you opt for a yellow gold arrangement, you can select a slightly yellowish stone than a completely colorless one to make it fit better for its setting. The color of the metal used for the ring also affects the appearance of the diamond.

Yellow gold can make the yellowish stone appear white or colorless. This is because it sits on top of the ring as their colors contrast between each other.

A diamond engagement ring in a yellow gold setting. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Where Can You Go For Custom Jewelry In Colorado Springs?

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