How to Maintain Your Diamond Rings to Ensure They Last Long?

Diamonds are precious gemstone prized all over the world for their beauty and sparkle. If you received one during your engagement, it is important to know how to maintain it. If the ring is damaged, you can find jewelry repair in Colorado Springs to help you out. But you can also take simple steps to ensure that you can prevent damage to your diamond engagement ring.

How to Maintain a Diamond Engagement Ring

Want to keep your diamond engagement ring looking sparkly and beautiful at all times? Take note of these ring maintenance tips:

Dirt removal

Dirt and oil can build up easily on your diamond engagement ring. Cleaning it to eliminate dirt and oil can be a good first step to maintain its sparkle. You won’t need any special cleaning items to keep your ring looking pristine. You can soak it in warm water mixed with a mild dishwashing detergent. Soak it for a few minutes and then use a toothbrush made for babies to scrub the stone. Make sure to do so gently. When you are done, thoroughly rinse the ring and pat it dry before storing again. Use a gentle cloth to dry the ring.

Take it off

Know when to take it off. It is easy to fall in love with wearing a gorgeous diamond ring. However, you need to know when it would be practical to wear it and when it is time to take it off. In general, you should never wear your diamond ring when at the beach or in the gym. Experts suggest that if you have a ring with micro-pave stones, you should not wear it when doing any rough activities.

Avoid harsh chemicals

Avoid exposing the ring to chemicals. You may not know it but the lotions, perfumes, and sunscreens you are using can cause incremental damage to your ring. When in doubt, take the ring off so it does not come into contact with those harmful chemicals.

Regular checkup

Have it regularly checked. Even when the prongs and settings are secure, the diamond can get loose over time. According to experts, you need to have a ‘prong check’ once every year. This will ensure that a professional is able to check if your ring remains to be in perfect condition.

Top Tips to Make Your Valuable Jewelry Last

Newly purchased jewelry, as contrary to what most people assume, will never retain their luster and beauty. Over the years, they will accumulate dirt and lose their shine. Depending on how often you wear your jewelry pieces, bringing them to a Colorado jewelry repair shop once or twice a year will maintain their quality for a long time.

Aside from that, follow these basic jewelry maintenance tips:

Clean Your Jewelry with Mild Soap, Water, and Soft Cloth

Daily handwashing and applying of lotion and other liquids on your skin can cause your jewelry to tarnish. Cleaning them every few weeks will prevent the grime to accumulate and solidify. Simply wash the piece using mild soap and water, and then use a soft cloth for drying.

Place Your Jewelry in Separate Compartments If Not in Use

In times that you won’t be using your jewelry, always keep them in a clean and dry place. Lay them on a soft cushion. Also, make sure that they are separated in individual compartments to prevent them from scratching each other. Even diamonds can chip if struck by another hard stone or metal at the right angle.

Make Sure Your Bracelet Perfectly Fits Your Wrist

There are different types of bracelets. No matter which type you have though, it is important that they fit on around your wrist properly. Loose bracelets are more prone to wear and tear.

Avoid Bumping Your Diamonds and Other Stones on Hard Surfaces

If you are wearing your jewelry almost everyday, make sure that you don’t let them hit hard surfaces. By doing so, you will be able to preserve their quality for a long time. In case you notice loose prongs, faulty links, and loose settings, bring your jewelry immediately to trusted jewelry Colorado Springs specialists so they can be checked and repaired before the worst happens.

Looking for Jewelry Repair Colorado Springs Has to Offer?

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If you notice something wrong with your precious pieces, it is advisable to visit a jewelry repair shop in Colorado Springs right away. Aside from that, it is also good to have them cleaned and maintained regularly by professional jewelers so as to keep them sparkling for years. Don’t wait for them to lose some of their value due to damage. Have them checked, maintained, or repaired whenever the need arises.

When looking for a jewelry professional, make sure that you consider skills, quality of work, price, and after-sale services. Among jewelry stores in Colorado Springs, choose the provider that can give you high quality and personalized services - from making a custom-made jewelry to restoring your vintage pieces.

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