How to Wear an Antique Brooch in a Creative and Modern Way According to Experts of Antique Jewelry Colorado Springs

Antique jewelry never goes out of style. It’s all about wearing them the right way and combining them with other fashionable accessories to give them a modern appeal. So, go ahead, stock up on antique jewelry Colorado Springs suppliers offer and have fun with them.

This article will teach you some of the tricks to wear an antique brooch in a modern and interesting way. Before you reach the end, you’ll be itching to try out the tips listed below.

Why hold on to your antique jewelry?

Because it’s a piece of history that you’d be most proud to show off.

Most antique pieces are between 50 and 100 years and have probably seen more history than you would in one lifetime. Moreover, they boast of characteristics that you might not find in some contemporary pieces.

  • Superior level of craftsmanship
  • High-quality materials
  • High value brought on by their age and scarcity

And if you find an antique Native American jewelry Colorado Springs jewelers offer, you’ve hit the motherlode. Native American craftsmanship is unparalleled and can be unique to specific tribes.
Now let’s get down to the fun part.

Ways you can wear antique Jewelry Colorado Springs like a brooch more fashionably:

  • Wear it in the traditional manner. That is, over the dress collar, or the upper part of the breast below the shoulder. Creatively putting it on clothing creates contrast to its texture, color, and design will definitely make the wearer stand out.
  • If you happen to buy not just one, but a number of pieces, you can arrange a few pieces together in one corner of the lapel or right below the shoulder portion of your dress. This would exude a stylish artistic effect.
  • Your dress feels a little loose on the neckline or the waist area? Gather the fabric together to one side and use a brooch or a bunch of them to tie it together. Placed on the shoulder or neck area, this will create a Grecian neckline.
  • You can also use a brooch to pin together loose, long tops. It can also double as a decorative button if you want more front coverage.
  • A scarf or a plain-colored headband is never outdated, but it can be made more interesting if you accentuate it with a brooch or two. More can be added from your collection to achieve the maximum impact.
  • By attaching and distributing some brooches from the shoulder down, you can create a “cascading” effect, like glittering droplets. This style can be applied to a plain-colored jacket or cardigan.
  • Convert a brooch into a pendant. Want to add a bit of flare to a plain necklace? Simply add an antique brooch. Make sure to reinforce with a small hook or pin to keep it from falling off. You can also wear multiple necklaces and use the brooch to tie them together and keep them in place.
  • Attach a brooch over a torn portion of a bag or purse. This will not only hide the unsightly part, but also perk up the look of your accessory.

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