All About Native American Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Native Americans are known for their rich culture, vibrant artistry, and deep symbolism. That is why it is no wonder that more couples are choosing Native American wedding bands to represent their union regardless of their descent.

For those with Native American blood, it is a way of celebrating their heritage. But for others, they choose these wedding bands because they appreciate the intricate designs, uniqueness, and beauty of Native American jewelry.

Read on to learn more about Native American engagement rings and wedding bands.

Beautiful animal carvings are typical of Native American designs. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Great Variety of Designs to Choose From

Unlike traditional engagement rings and wedding bands, the Native American alternative has a wide variety of beautiful designs and gorgeous materials to choose from. Here are some of the major characteristics associated with this type of jewelry.


Tribal rings can either be made of metal or nonmetal. For metal rings, these are usually made of silver, but at times platinum and gold are also used.

Nonmetal rings, on the other hand, are usually made from hemp or wood. Wood rings are usually carved from different species of hardwood like maple, birch, and walnut. Stone rings are also becoming popular and are usually carved from quartz or jade.

Precious Stones

Diamonds are seldom seen in Native American rings, but instead they have a wide array of precious stones to choose from. These stones include opal, turquoise, mother of pearl, jade, onyx, and agate—all of which are also known to symbolize something.

For example, opal symbolizes love and hope. Pearls symbolize innocence and purity. Turquoise, meanwhile, is believed to have the ability to ward off evil. Finally, jade symbolizes harmony, balance, gentleness, and loving energy.

Stone Cuts

Contemporary rings usually use faceted stones. These types of stones are cut into multiple surfaces called facets, which is why they are called faceted stones. The facets reflect light in several angles, giving the stone its brilliance.

Native American rings usually use cabochon gems. The cabochon cut is polished and usually has a convex top and a flat bottom. It is more natural-looking and is usually oval or round in shape.

Tribal Designs

Typical tribal designs in Native American rings include carvings, engravings, or etchings of different symbols like plants, animals, and feathers. It may also include designs similar to those that are found in cave drawings or rock art.

Different Colors

As rich and colorful as Native American culture, tribal rings are also more colorful than traditional rings. Colors like blue, white, green, red, and brown are often seen in tribal wedding bands as they add more meaning and symbolism to the rings.

Beautiful Patterns

Having beautiful geometric patterns is another characteristic of Native American rings. These patterns can either be made of symbols or simple art that help create unique and special pieces.


Symbolism is embedded in Native American culture and is often incorporated in their jewelry. Here are some of the popular symbols with their meanings:

  • Arrow. It symbolizes protection and security. If the arrow is facing left, it is meant to ward off bad elements while an arrow that is facing right is meant as protection. Giving an engagement ring with an arrow symbol may represent a man’s promise to keep his future bride secure and protected.

  • Bear or bear prints. It represents courage and strength, a symbol that you might want to include in your wedding bands. It will symbolize your dedication to being courageous and strong when facing whatever odds your union might go through.

  • Change. This symbol consists of lightning, clouds, and rain. It symbolizes renewal and fertility, things you would want your marriage to be blessed with.

  • Deer and deer prints. This symbolizes prosperity, gentleness, shelter, and safety.

  • Dragonflies. It is the symbol of happiness, purity, and speed.

  • Sun. It symbolizes growth as it provides light and energy to help crops flourish.

Other popular symbols include the heartline, hope, peace, journey, homecoming, and harmony.

Lovely engagement rings with sun symbols at the center and embedded with precious stones. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Customizing Native American Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Customizing rings gives you the liberty to choose and create a design according to your taste. You can decide on the materials to be used, the thickness of the ring, the types of precious stones, and all the other details that will help create your unique and special pieces. This adds a personal touch to your wedding bands or engagement rings.

The price for customizing Native American rings is usually determined by how intricate the design is. The design is the main factor, but the cost may also be influenced by the materials used as well as size. Prices may start at $150 for simpler designs and reach up to $650 depending on the design.

Customized rings may take six to eight weeks to finish, or even several months depending on how intricate the design is. So, you need to order your rings in advance, at least several months before the wedding.

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