Jewelry in Colorado: Discover the Meaning of Your Preferred Gemstone

Gemstones are one of Earth’s most beautiful gifts to humans. People use them in different ways like turning them into fine accessories or using them in astrology. These gorgeous gems are believed to be linked to planets and are beneficial to humankind just by choosing the right one.

Although all of us have our designated gemstones through our birth months and zodiac signs, there are some people that feel a special connection to a particular gem, even if it’s not appointed to them.

Your favorite gemstone can tell things about you and help make your life more colorful. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Gemstones and the Power They Hold

There are actually 300 kinds of minerals that are being used as gemstones today, but let’s meet 10 of which you might feel a spark with.

  • Pearl. If you are attracted to pearls, you are said to be a person who is spiritual, dignified, pure, and loyal. Pearls are known for their calming effect, which balances a person’s karma and solidifies relationships. Naturally, they symbolize transformation and endurance. These beautiful stones of purity also attract wealth and luck.
  • Ruby. This fiery gemstone symbolizes love, power, and protection. If you are drawn to this beauty, you are said to be passionate, intense, and full of life. You don’t give up easily because you know deep inside, victory is on your side.
  • Diamond. Since primitive times, a diamond is considered to be an object of desire for both men and women alike. It symbolizes great strength, resiliency, and eternal love. If the diamond is your preferred gemstone, you are said to be kind-hearted, determined, and honest.
  • Blue Topaz. In contrast to ruby, the blue topaz is believed to have cooling powers. People who associate themselves with this gem are calm and have strong communication skills. They attract people for their peacefulness and soothing energy.
  • Peridot. Known for its strikingly gorgeous lime color, those who favor peridots are said to be energetic, curious, and full of joy. This gem represents radiance, attracting those around you due to its glowing energy. Legends say that this gemstone also attracts lovers.
  • Aquamarine. This gem means “water of the sea,” and if you like this mesmerizing stone, you must be passionate, adventurous, and brave. Aquamarine signifies youth, hope, and fidelity. This gem is also considered to be a perfect anniversary gift among married couples because of its strong soothing powers.
  • Tanzanite. As an incredibly rare gemstone, tanzanites are only found in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Those captivated by this exotic gem are passionate people who possess a beautiful, strong aura. You have great intuition and profound wisdom. This mysterious jewel also represents connectivity and protection.
  • Citrine. This bright stone is associated with the sun; thus, those who are tantalized by citrines are high-spirited, warm, and creative. You can turn any negativity in your life into a positive one. Citrine embodies excitement and affection.
  • Pink Tourmaline. As a highly-treasured gemstone known for its beauty, the pink tourmaline represents compassion, gentleness, and is also known for its powerful healing properties. Those who are drawn to this gem are considered to be sweet and sincere, yet tough and empowered.
  • Amethyst. One of the most popular gemstones, the amethyst emits calming powers, thus often worn to fight against drunkenness during ancient greek parties. If you are attracted to this gem, you are most likely intelligent, vigilant, and relaxed. You also exude a motherly aura to those around you.

Why People Are Attracted to Gemstones

There are countless reasons why people are in love with these alluring jewels. Aside from people’s beliefs of their supernatural abilities and symbolism, they are used as presents in modern times. People buy these natural treasures as an expression of their own selves or of the people around them.

People buy them as an anniversary or birthday gifts, for their engagement or wedding ceremonies, or just an accessory to use in their everyday lives. There are tons of places where you can buy these gemstones.

Jewelry Repairs in Colorado

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Get Your Jewelry Appraised in Colorado Springs

Get your jewelry appraised by certified professionals. (Image Source: Pixabay)

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