Jewelry Repair Colorado Springs: How to Avoid Bad Surprises

When you send your jewelry to the repair shop, you always expect to get your item back in excellent condition. Unfortunately, some fixes can come with unexpected surprises. The following are some of the common jewelry repair errors and how you can prevent them from happening.

Damaged Stones

Some stones such as pearls, amber, and turquoise are very sensitive to heat. They can scorch under high temperature. If your jewelry piece has a fragile stone near the area of repair, ask your jeweler about your options.

Some stones are very sensitive to high heat. Discuss your options with your jeweler if you need to have it repaired.

Most experienced jewelers will inform you about the need to remove the stones during repair. However, you should also know that your gems might break while being removed.

Ask your jewelers to check your stones first for hairline fractures. These imperfections, which can only be seen using a magnifying loupe, can be indicators that your stones are prone to breakage if they are removed. Knowing the condition of your jewelry will help you manage your expectations and make smart repair decisions.

Bad Sizing and Lengths

This is probably the most avoidable jewelry repair error. But sadly, it still happens. The key to preventing this is to take the measurements seriously.

If you want to resize a ring, get it measured by the jeweler first. It is also important to measure the accurate finger, as the left and right fingers will have different sizes. If you are sizing up a ring, make your choices clear. Indicate whether you prefer to stretch up your piece to maintain the actual components, or whether you would want to add metal to prevent it from becoming thinner.

Chains, bracelets, and necklaces that are broken into several pieces should be pre-assembled for you to see if the final length will still fit you. There might be a missing piece that might result in your jewelry becoming shorter, so it’s always prudent to check first.

Different Finish

Some jewelry items have parts that are oxidized as part of their design, but oxidation can also occur when you miss cleaning your precious pieces for a long time. Let your jeweler know if a certain look is a part of your jewelry’s design, so they won’t make a huge mistake by trying to make the piece look shiny.

If you have a damaged earring, bring in the one other one, too. This way, you will be sure that both earrings will have matching finishes after the repair.

Additional Costs

Jewelry repair can be complicated and time-consuming, and some of the problems can only be discovered during the procedure itself. This is the reason why sometimes, additional costs come up after a repair job.

Jewelry repair costs can sometimes be more expensive than the actual price of the item itself.

To avoid being surprised by additional costs, ask your jeweler about possible problems that they might spot during the process. This will help you decide on how much you are willing to spend on your repair or restoration. Some jobs might even be more expensive than the actual price of the jewelry, but then sentimentality can be priceless.

Finding Experts in Jewelry Repair in Colorado Springs

If you are looking for jewelry repairs in Colorado Springs, bear in mind that not all companies are created equal, and reputation is key. Look for online reviews from clients and ask for certifications to back a jeweler’s experience and expertise.

At Lane Mitchell Jewelers, we value each piece just like our own. Our experienced bench jewelers aim to exceed your expectations at all times, and we guarantee no bad surprises for your repairs. Contact us today at (719) 632-1170.