Jewelry Repairs Guide: What Does Retipping a Ring Mean?

No matter how expensive or good quality your ring is, it will experience some kind of wear over the years. Whether it is a wedding band or a gemstone ring, it can be susceptible to damage if you use it regularly. Retipping is a common technique used during jewelry repairs. It is a process of adding platinum, gold or sterling silver in order to make the prongs durable again. You might not see it with your naked eye but the prongs can get cracked, bent, or broken.

What You Must Know About Retipping

Retipping a ring is a common type of jewelry repair service.

To determine if you need to look for a jewelry repairs service to retip your ring, you must first identify signs that it is in need of repair. How? You can feel around with your fingers to check if there are small rounded nubs sticking up.

You can also take it to an expert on jewelry repair in Colorado Springs so they can determine if your ring must be fixed.

Here are a few things you need to know about re-tipping a ring:

  • Re-tipping is designed to fix the prong. It is one of the most common services performed in jewelry shop services. It is therefore inevitable that this would happen to the prongs no matter how careful you are when wearing your ring. This process involves melting some solder onto the prong to make them smooth again. The prongs are polished so they will look brand new.

  • The cost of re-tipping a ring will largely vary. As mentioned above, re-tipping is a common process done to rings. But the cost of this repair will vary based on numerous factors. The condition of the prongs is one. The number of prongs that should be repaired is another.

  • Re-tipping is a great opportunity to reset the stones, too. This happens when the prongs are so damaged and weak that they are no longer able to hold the stones. It is very important that prongs are safe and secure or you could lose your precious gemstone(s). If the prong is too damaged, a replacement would be your best bet.

  • Regardless if you have 4 or 6 prongs, even if just one is broken, the rest are vulnerable too. If you see any signs of damage, you need to have an expert check it. The worst thing that could happen is for your prongs to become so loose that you lose your gem.

  • Maintenance is very important. Re-tipping is not too expensive but losing your precious gemstone is. Make it a habit to regularly inspect and clean your rings. Experts recommend taking them to a jewelry repair service twice a year.

Looking for Jewelry Repairs in Colorado Springs?

Maintain the quality of your ring and protect your gemstone by re-tipping.

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