Jewelry Repairs in Colorado Springs: What Good Can it Give to You?

If you have jewelry lying around because they are no longer complete or even intact, you may want to take it to a repair shop for jewelry. But, looking for a trusted repair shop can be difficult, especially when working with expensive and precious items such as your jewelry.

Look no further as we in Lane Mitchel Jewelers are the trusted place to get jewelry repairs in Colorado Springs. We can fix your simple jewelry concerns to make your gems look brand new! Visit our site.

Read more to learn on what we can fix your common jewelry problems.

Common Problems with Jewelry

Your jewels, over time, will naturally be subject to the wears and tears that any object in user experiences. This includes losing some gems in the piece or even just getting filthy.

Jewelry Repairs Available in Colorado Springs

Here are some common problems you may encounter that we can fix for you.

Resize Your Ring

Getting your ring resized is a great investment to make. Wearing the right ring which is larger than your size may cause it to slip and consequently, losing it forever. On the other hand, if the ring is too small, you would not wear it all. Because, well, it does not fit to your finger.

Fixing Faulty Clasps

The first hardware to usually break on necklaces and bracelets are the clasps. The reason for this is that they are used all the time so it is no surprise that they are the first to be worn down.

To fix this, the old clasps can just be replaced with the new ones. If it keeps breaking even though it was already repaired before, you may want a jeweler to take a look that the piece. The continuous breaking may be an indicator of a problem on the overall structure of the piece. Other repairs may be necessary in these cases, which we have, of course.

Fixed necklace clasp

Worn Down Metal

Worn Jewelry pieces are subjected to getting the metal hardware replaced. It is important to get it repaired because the metal can weaken and break due to long-term use.

To fix this issue, we simply add metal to the spots that are already worn out. As we guarantee the quality of our work, our very own goldsmith does this job.

Gem-Setting Prongs and Slipped Prongs

Gem with prongs intact

Prongs or the metal holding of your gemstones in place gets worn down because they are in such a vulnerable position. This also requires getting new metal and reshaping it to fix your piece.

For slipped prongs, it would depend on how badly the piece was damaged. It would be better to consult an expert to assist you.

Lost Stones

Although this is an expensive type of problem to fix, it is one of the most common. Do not fret, we also do this type of repairs. We can make it look as if it was never lost or damaged in the first place.

For more information about our services, visit us at our site or give us a call at (719) 632-1170.

Other Offers

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