Make Your Heirlooms Last: Tips from Top Jewelry Repair Colorado Springs Professionals

Being fashionable doesn’t mean that you need to spend more money to keep up with new trends. While adornments come in various forms such as gold, diamond, and silver, fashion jewelry offers a much cheaper alternative to fine jewelry.

However, fashion jewelry is very prone to discoloration, and some tarnish faster than the others. It is because there are factors that can cause these pieces to wear down. These include contact from the air, moisture, acids, and the like. But there are also ways where you can prevent the items from getting tarnished.

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4 Ways to Keep Your Jewelry in Top Condition

Jewelry designers Colorado Springs offer exceptional craftsmanship and great designs. However, without proper maintenance, your pieces will not last long in your jewelry box. Learn the right way to keep your adornments looking good.

  1. Avoid getting your jewelry wet Moisture, acid, alcohol, and other liquids can hasten your jewelry’s discoloration. It reacts to the metal used in your jewelry. And, of course, your sweat and lotion are not exceptions to this reality. You may not be able to control the chemical reaction once it happens, but you can always prevent it from happening. So, make sure to keep your accessories dry every now and then.

  2. Find proper storage Proper storage plays an important role in preventing your jewelry from tarnishing. Since exposure from air or moisture can affect the quality of your accessory, then it is vital to pick the right storage box for it. We put great importance in serving our customers. Thus, our accessories such as watches come with an original box for you to use in storing your valued jewelry.
    Make sure that the storage you choose is airtight. A soft pouch or container with a lid can also be a great option. However, always remember to close or lock your storage before and after using your jewelry.

  3. Clean your fashion accessories from time to time You can use a dry, soft cloth to wipe your jewelry. Clean the places where you can see dirt starting to build up. You can use a small and thin stick to wipe the areas your hands can’t access. Don’t rub it too hard as it might damage the design. If you can see small cracks, don’t hesitate to check jewelry repair Colorado Springs shop for immediate action. Don’t wait for it to become a bigger problem in the future. It might be too late to fix it then. Our repair services can help you with this, providing the best there is when it comes to jewelry repair.

  4. Find the right jewelry repair Colorado Springs business One of the most vital parts of keeping your jewelry in top condition is by getting it fixed as early as possible. Prolonging the process will only make it worse for your piece. It might come to a point where repairing is not an option anymore. We can always agree that the longer the jewelry has been in your possession, the more sentimental value it holds. Sending it to a repair shop is easy, but finding the right one can be hard.

    Selecting the wrong repair service can worsen the problem. Thus, make sure to choose the best one that you think is qualified for the job. Our jewelry repair services only offer the best quality for our customers. We have over 40 years of experience, and we can guarantee excellent service and pricing.