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A damaged jewelry chain clasp may seem like a minor thing, but it can stop you from fully enjoying that piece that means so much to you. So, how do you deal with it then?

Different clasp malfunctions and what to do about them

  • Chain clasps that become difficult to hook and unhook over time. When the owner is of a younger age, it is not a problem for them to connect both ends of a necklace or bracelet with its clasp even if the hook and end rings are small. However, as one ages, hand dexterity declines. In this case, the jeweler will usually recommend magnetic clasps that automatically attach once they are placed in contact with each other.
  • Unexpected breaking of the chain clasp. There may be a time when you find yourself surprised that the clasp of your favorite jewelry has broken down altogether, even though you recently wore it without any problems. This problem could be due to the old age of the clasp. To avoid this kind of scenario, have your accessories regularly checked by a professional for signs of deterioration, and have the problem corrected preemptively.
  • Clasps that break while being worn. This could again be due to wear and tear or a failure in workmanship for newer pieces. There is a risk here that you will lose your favorite jewelry altogether. It is best to carefully remove the broken piece to avoid further damage and use a replacement. Afterwards, you can seek a skilled specialist to have the clasps repaired.

*Antique jewelry can complete a dress, but chain clasps may break even while being worn. *

Trust only the professionals

As jewelry pieces are typically made of precious materials, they deserve to be treated as family heirlooms and handed down to the next generation. They should be fixed once they break down to preserve their value in cash.

It is therefore practical and smart to entrust your piece only to a professional. Go to a reliable shop for clasp and other jewelry repairs. One such renowned shop is Lane Mitchell Jewelers. We have highly competent staff to do jewelry repair in the Colorado Springs area.

What the customers of jewelry repair Colorado Springs area say

Customers of jewelry repairs in the Colorado Springs area rave about the friendly and superb services of Lane Mitchell Jewelers. Many are specially impressed with the fast, reliable, and superb craftsmanship which professional staff members employ when repairing the items brought to them for servicing. Some reviews even go on to say that Lane Mitchell Jewelers have exceeded their expectations.

*Professional Jewelers can provide reliable craftsmanship when repairing jewelries. *

Get help with your jewelry repairs

We at Lane Mitchell Jewelers are always ready to assist you to restore your beloved piece of personal ornaments to their original form. Our highly skilled staff would be glad to discuss your concerns, preferences, and alternatives. We are located at 102 East Pike Peak, Colorado Springs, CO, or you may choose to contact us through email, website page, or telephone number (719) 602-5839.