Hundreds of jewelry designs have been made through the years. Some of these designs continue to live on and enjoy popularity with a large number of customers. But what types of jewelry, specifically, are the most popular among buyers?

What kinds of jewelry sell fast?

Generally speaking, silver and gold jewelry, among all the metals used, are what most customers look for.

The kind of jewelry which people mostly buy may vary, depending on what they are looking for—whether it may be rings, bracelets, or necklaces. The design of jewelry also play a role in attracting a buyer’s attention to details.

Most popular jewelry designs

Throughout the years, the designs of different kinds of jewelry have changed, but there are some that remain constant. These designs are now regarded as classics as their popularity continues to this day and they remain the favorites of many people. Here are some of these jewelry designs that have stayed popular over the years:

Station necklace

The station necklace represents elegance, yet it can also convey a different meaning wearer. This design is also quite versatile as it can be worn during formal and casual occasions. The links of the necklace can be diamonds, gemstones, or simple beads of gold or silver.

Diamond solitaire

Diamonds never fail to fascinate customers. A single diamond pendant or a diamond ring exude class, and its charm always works on customers, especially among women. After all, diamonds are supposed to be a girl’s best friend, right?

Charm bracelets

As a concept that has quickly gained popularity with a lot of people all over the world, the charm bracelet often bears symbolic representations of the wearer’s important life events. The charms on the bracelets may signify anniversaries, birthdays, or be a souvenir from the important places the wearer has visited.

Chain bracelets

A unisex design, the notable look of a chain bracelet is one of the most popular classic jewelry designs. The versatility of the chain bracelet allows the wearer to use for any kinds of occasions. The thickness and size of the chains may vary from thin and slim to wide and chunky.


Pearls are often used to adorn the most elegant jewelry pieces. Simple pearl drop earrings or pearl necklaces always catch the eyes of customers. Pearl jewelry designs continue to evolve through the years, displaying new and fascinating arrangements, yet the classic designs still continue to sell strongly.

Tennis bracelet

This iconic design that displays a link of diamonds, the tennis bracelet continues to attract people with its appealing look. Different and new styles and designs for the jewelry may have emerged over the years but one thing is for sure, its attractive appeal remains undoubted.

Hoop earrings

The classic hoop earrings are favorites of many women. Different sizes are available for this kind of jewelry, and the earrings can be made of various metals like silver or gold.

Signet jewelry

Jewelry that displays one’s initials or even zodiac sign is one of the designs that most people look for. It is one kind of jewelry that greatly represent the wearer’s roots and personality. The designs may vary depending on what kind of jewelry it is—from rings with initials, necklaces with a name pendant, or bracelets with carvings.

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