7 Steps on How to Find the Best Jewelry Buyers in Colorado Springs in Selling Your Estate Jewelry

Selling estate jewelry or preowned jewelry is triggered for many reasons. It can be used to pay off the bills or can be a source of investment. Thus, it has a practical value to a piece that you are no longer wearing.

Thus, you will also be able to equally divide the monetary value if the piece was left to many heirs. Sometimes, it can also be for emotional reasons such as to signify a change in your life or as a sign of moving on.

Whatever your reasons are, you certainly would want to sell your jewelry at its highest value possible. However, it is not that easy to do as it can also be tricky.

How to Make the Selling Process Easier

Estate jewelry can be priced for their gemstones and style. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Check out the following tips which will help make your selling process easier and at the best value.

Make Sure That You Are Ready to Sell

You are probably wondering why this is tip #1, when in fact, the reason why you are on this page is most likely because you want to sell your estate jewelry. The thing is, selling estate jewelry is not a walk in the park. You will need patience, diligence and so you need to put your heart into it.

Also, you would not want to do all the hard work of finding a buyer. Then later on only to find out at the end that the jewelry is high in sentimental value and you can’t part with it.

Get to Know Your Jewelry More

Similar to conducting due diligence in real estate, you also need to get all the information that you can have about the jewelry. It will be very helpful if you still have the original packaging, receipts or documents that came with the purchase of the jewelry.

This will help you gauge the current value of the jewelry. You may also get the stories of how and when your relatives acquired the jewelry.

Who knows, you might have an antique with an extremely valuable gemstone in your hands. Acquiring a gem grading report will also help prevent undervaluing of your estate jewelry.

Manage Your Expectations

The value of jewelry is based on many factors such as the condition of the jewelry, the style, size, and the cut of the gemstones. The same goes for the type of stones, and also the weight of the precious metal in it.

Just because something is old it doesn’t mean that the piece is rare and expensive. It can be so old that it no longer suits the taste of the current jewelry wearers.

Also, you have to keep in mind that the higher the price that you want to sell it, the longer the selling process too. So, don’t expect to sell fast and high at the same time.

Clean Your Jewelry Properly

Some precious stones can be damaged by cleaning agents. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Your jewelry should be at its best state when you are selling it so you will get higher value for it. Hence, you need to clean it properly. If you are unsure of how to do it, you might as well contact a professional jewelry cleaner.

But, if you are in the mood for DIY cleaning, then here are just some reminders that will help you. Don’t use chlorine and ammonia as these can damage some of the fragile stones.

You may go for warm water, mild soap, and a soft brush instead. Be sure to handle the jewelry with the utmost care while cleaning.

Take Photos of The Jewelry

Taking photos of your jewelry will help you document the condition of your jewelry while you are taking it to different jewelers for appraisals. This will serve as your inventory, and proof as well, just in case something untoward happens.

Also, you might opt to just show the photos first to your prospective buyers, before showing them the actual one. Experienced jewelers can give you an estimated value just by looking at the photos.

Get Different Appraisals

You may take advantage of the internet and check the prices of jewelry that are similar to yours. Then, if you already have an idea of the value of your jewelry, you can now check for different appraisals.

Your next step will be to get appraisals from the professionals. Ideally, you need to find at least three possible buyers and compare how much they can offer.

Avoid Pawnshops and Auction Houses

If you need quick cash and you are thinking of dropping by a pawnshop for your estate jewelry, you might want to think twice. Pawnshops might be able to provide quick cash but often they come with high interests.

And, if you won’t be able to repay your loan on time, the pawnshop will gladly own your jewelry. They will resell it at a much higher price than your loan.

As for big Auction Houses, whether they can sell your jewelry or not, they usually come in hefty rates. Small auction houses might have lower rates but they usually have fewer connections too which makes lower chances of being able to sell your jewelry.

Sell Only to Trusted Jewelry Buyers in Colorado Springs

There are different jewelry stores in Colorado Springs who might be interested to buy your estate jewelry. However, you should find the best place to sell gold in Colorado Springs or any other type of precious metals and stones.

The best jewelry buyers in Colorado Springs will have certifications, experienced and skillful jewelers, and trusted appraisers. To find out which one is the best, you can ask for recommendations from your family and friends.

You can also check online reviews as most of them are honest testimonials of customers who availed of their services. And once you have already shortlisted your picks, it is best to talk to the jewelers and ask questions to get to know more of their policies and what they can offer.

The bottom line is you need to choose the jewelry buyer whom you will be comfortable to sell your jewelry. If you are selling your estate jewelry in Colorado Springs, don’t hesitate to contact us at Lane Mitchell Jewelers.

We take pride in our core principles of honesty, integrity and unparalleled customer service. Hence, we can assure you that we will provide you the best price for your precious pieces.