The Importance of Jewelry Insurance and Jewelry Repairs in Colorado Springs

Good quality jewelry is not inexpensive. To get that sparkle and beauty, you need to pay a good price for it. But jewelry pieces can be delicate and fragile. It is easy to get them damaged or stolen. This is why you need to think about getting jewelry insurance, especially when you are looking for jewelry repairs in Colorado Springs. Getting an insurance will give you confidence that you can get your jewelry fixed or replaced.

Why Do You Need Jewelry Insurance?

Don’t delay securing jewelry insurance for your priceless pieces (Image Source: Pexels)

Jewelry insurance, like any other type of insurance, is designed for your protection. You paid a lot of money for your jewelry so it just makes sense you have to protect that investment as well. The insurance is designed to cover the cost of replacing or fixing your jewelry when it is damaged. It can also cover protection against theft.

Below are some of the reasons why it is a must to purchase insurance:

  • Insurance protects your investment on your jewelry.

    This is the most obvious reason it is crucial to get jewelry insurance. In order to own jewelry, you need to make a monetary investment. Expensive jewelry carries with it more than just sentimental value; to some people, the actual monetary value is the best reason to protect it. Whether you keep jewelry for personal reasons or as a form of investment, an insurance policy will give you peace of mind.

  • Insurance gives you confidence to use/wear your jewelry.

    A lot of people fear having to wear or use their fine jewelry because they do not want to lose or damage it. But jewelry is not meant to be stored in your jewelry box or safe. It is meant to be worn and appreciated! With jewelry insurance, you can feel more confident wearing your priceless, sparkling pieces.

  • Insurance gives you an idea on how much the jewelry is worth.

    When you obtain jewelry insurance, the value of your jewelry is appreciated. The insurance quote is given by industry experts so they know how to examine the worth of the jewelry. If you have a piece of jewelry that has been handed down as an heirloom, you have no way of determining the value of that jewelry. But when you have it insured, you can get it appraised as well.

  • Insurance preserves the value of your jewelry.

    Getting insurance will ensure that your jewelry always appreciate. Jewelry and other similar piece of valuables generally increase their value over time. But when you protect it with insurance, you can ensure that the value is preserved.

Tips for Jewelry Repairs in Colorado Springs

How do you protect your jewelry? (Image Source: Pexels)

Are you in need of jewelry repairs in Colorado Springs? At Lane Mitchell Jewelers, we can provide repair and restoration for your precious jewelry. When you want to restore your jewelry to its original condition, our expert jewelers can get the job done.

If you would like to learn more about buying jewelry insurance or getting your jewelry repairs done, schedule an appointment today. You can also reach us via the following number: (719) 632-1170. With over 150 years of experience, you can guarantee that our experts can restore your jewelry!