Useful Tips to Make Your Gold Jewelry Last Longer

Most people own pieces of gold jewelry that were either acquired as investments, inherited as family heirlooms, received as gifts from close relatives and friends, or purchased simply because they are pretty and fun to wear. Whatever someone’s reason may be for owning gold jewelry, it’s certain that anyone would want to make it last longer and maximize its value.

Generally, gold pieces are durable and are considered to be timeless assets. However, if these are not handled or taken care of properly, they can be damaged, scratched, and dented. They can also lose their luster once a film of oils from lotions, makeup, soaps, powder, and natural excretions from the skin starts to form on the metal.

Gold jewelry can be passed on to future generations if properly cared for. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Taking care of your gold jewelry involves regular cleaning, proper handling when you are wearing them, and good storage when not in use. Here are some things you can do in order to keep pieces of gold jewelry in prime condition. If followed carefully, these tips can extend your jewelry’s life for decades.

Things to Keep in Mind When Wearing Your Gold Jewelry

When you wear your jewelry regularly, you tend to expose it repeatedly to several elements such as dust, perspiration, and moisture. At times, it can also be exposed to harsh substances such as acids and abrasives that can harm and damage it.

Damage to your gold jewelry can be prevented by not wearing it when you are doing the following things.

When swimming in the pool

Pools are high in chlorine content which are considered as the worst enemies of gold. Chlorine can diminish the integrity of your gold jewelry and eventually break it. Hence, it is best to remove your gold bracelets, rings, necklaces, or earrings first before taking a dip in the pool.

When taking a bath or showering

Bathwater or shower water is generally safe for your gold pieces. However, wearing it during a bath or shower repeatedly can cause a film of soap to form around your jewelry, making it look dull.

When playing high-contact sports

Gold is actually a soft metal and it can break when treated harshly. So, it is best to remove your delicate necklaces or fine bracelets and rings when doing sports or other activities that are highly physical.

When cleaning

If you are using cleaning agents that contain acids, abrasives, and other harmful components such as chlorine bleach, it is best to remove your jewelry or wear gloves that can protect your skin as well. These cleaning agents can react with your jewelry and alter its finish, so it is best to keep your precious items away from them.

When grooming

Lotions, hairsprays, makeup, even your perfume, and other similar substances can also cause damage to your gold jewelry. Hence, it is advised to put on your jewelry only when you are already done applying the above-mentioned items.

How to Clean Your Gold Jewelry

Cleaning your gold jewelry should be done regularly, especially if you wear them daily. Here are the steps on how to clean them safely.

  1. Swish soap, ideally a mild detergent, in warm water. Mild dish liquid detergents are preferred since they are less abrasive than other soaps and cleaning agents.

  2. The next step is to soak your jewelry in the soap and water mixture for at least 15 minutes or up to three hours, depending on how dirty your jewelry is. You don’t have to worry about soaking it for a long time since you are only using a mild detergent. But, if your jewelry has precious stones attached to it, do not soak it as these stones are more delicate.

  3. Instead, get a soft cloth and dip it in the soap and water mixture and carefully wipe your jewelry with it. For jewelry without stones, the third step is also to rub them carefully to remove impurities. You can use your fingertips or cotton buds to gently rub your jewelry. Take note that if you are cleaning more than one piece of jewelry, you should do the rubbing one at a time so you can thoroughly clean each one of them and prevent them from grinding against one another. You may also use a soft brush, like a kid’s toothbrush if it is really dirty.

  4. Rinse your jewelry thoroughly in warm water. Make sure that all of the suds are removed, especially if you are working with pieces that are very ornamented.

  5. Lastly, air dry your jewelry or wipe them dry with a soft cloth. Just make sure that they are already thoroughly dry before you put them in storage.

You may also use ammonia in cleaning your jewelry as this is also a very effective cleansing agent. You can mix one part of ammonia in six parts of water, but make sure to only soak your jewelry for no longer than a minute. Rinse it with water thoroughly and let it dry.

Proper Storage for Your Gold Jewelry

When storing precious pieces, you should keep them in jewelry boxes that are dry and clean. A fabric-lined jewelry box is preferred but if this is not available, then your next-best option is to wrap jewelry with a soft cloth for added protection. Also, make sure that you provide enough space in your storage so your jewelry pieces will not get tangled and scratched by each other.

Schedule Precious Pieces for Professional Checking

Even if you clean your gold jewelry regularly, and you follow the tips mentioned above, it is still best to have them cleaned professionally at least once a year. Bring them to skilled jewelers and the best place to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs as they can expertly clean your items, prevent further damage from loose parts such as prongs, and keep your jewelry in top shape.

Have your jewelry checked by a professional jeweler at least once a year. (Image Source: Pixabay)

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