Top 7 Selling Tips When Dealing with Jewelry Stores in Colorado Springs

Are you planning to sell your used jewelry for some quick cash? Here are some tips that will help you make the whole transaction easier:

  1. Look from a different perspective

Vintage or antique jewelry may currently be in style, but is your item something that the market is really looking for? Check online for what is trendy or browse through the latest fashion magazines. Look at your jewelry as if you were some unknown buyer. How much value would you actually put on it? Estate jewelry pieces may hold sentimental value for you that others may not know about or understand. So, try to evaluate it from a different perspective and try to be impartial.

  1. Highlights its history and packaging

A piece of estate jewelry usually has a history on how it was acquired, or how it was passed down from generation to generation. It may have also held some significance to the previous owner. Communicate this to the potential buyer to help them see the value which your family has held for years. Having the original box that the jewelry came from adds to the authenticity of the item. Also include any related documents like purchase receipts, insurances, or certificates. If the jewelry has been examined by the best place to sell jewelry in colorado springs, include laboratory findings or certifications as well.

  1. Take properly flattering pictures

Make sure to take good pictures of the jewelry piece. Take photos in a place with ample lighting and make sure the pictures are sharp and clear. Focus on the jewelry, but also consider its background. Set it in its original box or on top of a table that best shows off the beauty of the item. Good pictures will not only help you convince your buyers, but by sending good photos to jewelry stores in Colorado Springs, you can already get an estimate on the value of your estate jewelry.

  1. Choose the right jeweler

It is best to consult with professional jewelers that you are comfortable with. Lane Mitchell Jewelers, with over 40 years of experience, is a great establishment to deal with in selling your old heirlooms. You can rely on our expertise in traditional craftsmanship. Learn more about us here.

  1. Get the appropriate certifications

Having jewelry certified through laboratories was uncommon up until the 1980s. Acquiring jewelry before that time could mean you have something that may be more valuable than you think. Jewelry stores in Colorado Springs can check if your jewelry has been treated and trace it back to where it came from. Nowadays, you can have your jewelry certified and properly assessed for its quality and value.

  1. Get professional appraisals

Written appraisals can be very costly and, when used for the purpose of insurance, the value of your jewelry tends to always be higher than the actual retail cost. This is the price that is based on when the item needs to be replaced and not the value at which the current item can be sold. You are looking at less than half of the replacement value. It is also good to keep all previous appraisals and see the increased value of the item. The metal designs and coating can also be seen in older appraisals, but may not show its current worth. The best place to sell gold in Colorado Springs can appraise the value of your jewelry in its parts and also how much it would be worth now.

  1. Stay away from auctions and pawnshops

When considering where to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs, it is better to avoid auction houses. Your jewelry may be quite valuable, but auction fees can be quite costly, too. The auction houses’ market is limited to itself and you will end up owing money to the auction house if your item does not get sold. Pawnshops, on the other hand, often have outrageous interest rates on your loan. Failing to get your jewelry back means you have just made the pawnshop earn so much more than your loan amount.

Lane Mitchell Jewelers are experts in the old craftsmanship of customized jewelry, estate jewelry, and engagement rings. When you are selling your estate jewelry, take time to talk to the experts at our store. We can give you a verbal appraisal for free and let you know how much you will be getting if you sell your item through us.