Trusted Jewelry Buyers Colorado Springs’ Tips on Buying Authentic Native American Jewelry

Many jewelry buyers Colorado Springs market offer more than just the usual choice of jewelry items. If you’re looking for Native American bead necklaces, silver bracelets, or watch bands, one or two of them can provide you with what you need.

But what exactly are you looking for?

Native American jewelry Colorado Springs jewelers sell come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them may be marketed as Native American but don’t follow the important provenance and craftsmanship of ancient relics that such jewelry are required to have.

In other words, you can get duped into believing that what you are buying is authentic when it is anything but. This article reveals the secret to buying jewelry Colorado Springs offer that are truly Native American pieces.

How to purchase genuine Native American pieces of jewelry

  • Silver needs close inspection

Look for that folding or layering look that is created when silver is hand-forged and hand-hammered from blocks of silver or ingots. The more folds and layers a piece of silver jewelry has, the older it is. Polishing tools and other modern equipment don’t leave folds and layers, and this should be your clue.

  • Know how to spot the fake turquoise from the not

Turquoise is one of the more popular stones used for Native American jewelry. But not every turquoise that you see is authentic. It could be dyed Howlite, a white mineral that is highly absorbent of any color of dye imaginable.

To spot the difference, look for inconsistencies in color. There are many color variations in turquoise, but dyed stones will have lines where the dye has collected in a stone’s natural cracks. You should also tap a piece of jewelry on your teeth and listen for that dull sound. Imitations will either tap like plastic, resin, or glass.

  • Do your homework

Pieces of Native American jewelry are often made with a style distinct to a specific tribe.

  • Navajo jewelry is made with micro-inlay techniques that only local jewelers have mastered.
  • The Navajo concho belt is easily recognizable with its Repossée style of metalwork, where the reverse side of a malleable metal is hammered to create the frontal design.
  • Zuni jewelry is famous for its array of intricate stonework designs—Needlepoint, Clusterwork, Inlay, and Petit Point. Each style is distinguished by the size of the stones used.
  • Clusterwork, for example, uses much larger stones, while Petit Point uses much smaller stones.
  • Hopi jewelry is commonly made from sterling silver and is often created through an overlay process. Most pieces also feature Native American symbols etched in detail.

Purchase from trusted jewelry buyers Colorado Springs

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