Buying Native American Wedding Rings And Where To Buy Gold In Colorado Springs

Wedding rings come as the traditional symbol of marriage. They signify the promise of a couple to be bonded together forever as they have sworn in front of a witness.

Native American wedding rings not only convey traditional symbolism but carry cultural and spiritual meaning too. With the rich heritage each design carries, they also offer an intricate and splendid representation of a couple’s marriage.

Is it ideal to buy Native American wedding rings to symbolize your marriage? Is it easy to find this type of jewelry in Colorado? Where to buy gold in Colorado Springs in the first place?

Wedding rings come in different forms and designs, and each carry a personal meaning for the couple (Image source: Pixabay)

Buying Native American Wedding Rings

Native American wedding rings come in many forms and design details that are both unique and exquisite. Each carries different meanings and commonly varies according to the tribe it originates from.

Every design detail denotes both spiritual and cultural representation. To put it simply, it lets you add an ethnic touch to your wedding.

There can be different reasons why couples opt for Native American wedding rings. It may be because of its relevance to the couple’s heritage and to pay tribute to their roots. Or, it may simply be because of their adoration and appreciation of its craftsmanship and design.

While preferable, you don’t need to be part of a tribe to acknowledge their cultural traditions and take inspiration from their crafts for your wedding rings. You must do so with the utmost respect for their beliefs and practices, however.

When opting for a Native American wedding ring, couples may still add their own touch to its design to make their wedding bands more personal.

Wedding Ring Customs

The use of wedding rings as a symbol of marriage and union of two people has been a long-standing custom in Native American culture. The origins of exchanging wedding bands in a marriage ceremony go way back to the Roman Empire though.

Generally, wedding rings are a public demonstration of honoring the marriage between the bride and the groom.

The Native Americans, like most cultures in the world, also believed in the Vena Amoris theory. It depicts that the love vein directly streams from the ring finger up to the heart; that the left hand is closer to the heart than the right; and that it signifies “eternal love.”

Legally, King Edward IV added to this theory and he ordained that the third finger on the left hand shall be officially known as the “ring finger.” Following that decree, the left hand was then called the “marriage hand” in The Book of Common Prayer.

Common Native American Wedding Ring Design

Some precious stones which each have different meanings and representations in the Native American culture. (Image source: Pixabay)

In the early days, Native Americans didn’t practice the usage of smelt stones onto metal for decorative items. Jewelry making was also a trade that was learned as a family business rather than an activity everyone could do.

In the present time, the jewelry making trade continues but has since adapted to contemporary processes. Traditional wedding ring designs are still included in the knowledge being passed on.

As part of their cultural traditions, certain beliefs are connected to every kind of precious stone. Most commonly, wedding rings combine onyx, malachite, and, of course, turquoise.

Turquoise is a precious stone that is blue or green in color. It often denotes wealth and success and it is believed to protect its wearer.

The design details of each type also varies according to the tribe it is from. Markings, etchings, patterns, and even the stones used have different yet significant meanings from each of the tribes.

Before deciding which design you would want, it would be ideal to know and understand every detail of the design.

Common Factors in Native American Wedding Ring Design

There are certain elements to be considered in the process of creating Native American wedding bands. Below are some of the most common:

  • Carvings and patterns - some of the most common carvings or etchings that you may notice on a Native American ring are of trees, animals, feathers, and other significant tribal symbols as well as geometrical patterns. Each of these is a big representation of their culture and tribe

  • Gemstones and its cuts - gemstones are the most common accent or ornament used in Native American jewelry. Unlike diamonds that are often used for engagement and wedding rings in other cultures, for Native Americans, semi-precious stones deliver deeper meanings that are in relevance to their tribes and beliefs

  • Colors - colorful rings are most commonly used for wedding bands in their culture as the people take colors as a “high form of symbolism.” For them, colors give more meaning and cultural depth and convey a deeper symbolism.

  • Metal or non-metal - when it comes to wedding bands made of metal, silver is the most popular material. Sometimes gold and platinum are used as well. Non-metal materials are also commonly used for wedding bands in their culture. Wood, for instance, offers them a deeper connection to their heritage and their land.

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A variety of gold wedding rings with different designs and significance. (Image source: Pixabay)

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