What “New Normal” Weddings Look Like

The global pandemic affected a lot of businesses. It hit the wedding industry especially hard. The new normal has stricter travel restrictions and social distancing measures have forced many couples to downsize or cancel their scheduled nuptials.

While still fighting the invisible enemy, people are looking forward to better days ahead. Even though wedding events are being postponed and cancelled, people are still getting married and excited to exchange wedding rings in Colorado Springs.

Weddings in the new normal are more intimate due to a smaller number of guests. (Image Source: Pixabay)

Intimate guest list

Social distancing must be strictly observed in the “new normal” which has prompted couples to invite only the people closest to them. This also gives the couples the opportunity to have intimate and more personalized celebrations. The bride and groom can arrange for handwritten invitations, choose a customized wedding giveaway for the bridesmaids, and play around with themes so that the couples’ characters will show.

Virtual meetings with suppliers

The rise of virtual meetings started when the world was on quarantine. People got creative and went the extra mile of looking for ways to communicate with their business suppliers like your preferred jewelry stores in Colorado Springs such as Lane Mitchell Jewellers, your neighborhood bakery, party decor suppliers, or lights and sounds.

Free online meeting rooms like Zoom and Google Classroom are being utilized. Couples go on a meeting with different suppliers for the wedding dress and invitations, as well as wedding rings in Colorado Springs.

Alfresco set-up with socially distant wedding seats

There are more spaces between guest seating due to social distancing requirements. (Image Source: Pixabay)

There are no more indoor and closed event spaces for new normal weddings. The advantage of intimate weddings is there is a lot of room for creativity. The bride and groom can get things to work the way they want them to. A classic example is having a garden wedding with 30 or fewer guests. A beautiful tree can be a good backdrop. Adding string lights for a classy and laid-back look can help make guests feel relaxed while they enjoy the good food and wine.

Tweaking the wedding reception

Buffet-style receptions are the typical go-to options for most celebrations. But the current situation dictates that people must comply with physical distancing measures. There are two ways for guests to enjoy good food while minding the proper social distance.

For buffet-style service, the serving of dishes will be contactless. A designated server will be assigned to serve a dish each at the buffet station so guests can avoid touching the cutlery. Guests will strictly observe a six-feet distance between two people while lining up. Another way of doing this is going for family-style serving. Guests can avoid the long queues at the food counters when servers place entrees or sides at the table right away.

The new normal for weddings are definitely going to be different. They will be more intimate and more meaningful. If you’re planning your own ceremony and you’re looking for wedding rings in Colorado Springs, make sure to get in touch with Lane Mitchell Jewelers. We will be able to assist you in finding the right pieces that will serve as the perfect mementos of your special day.