Where to Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs and How

Are you planning to sell your diamond jewelry? If you answered yes, the first thing you might be curious about is where to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs. The process of grading your diamonds is a crucial step to ensure that you can get the best price for your jewelry items. Take note of our tips to help you in the process and to identify the best place where you can sell your diamond jewelry.

Tips When Selling Diamond Jewelry

Knowing where to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs is one thing; knowing how to sell it is another. Keep these tips in mind so you do not get the raw end of the deal when you sell yours:

  • Secure a certification of your diamond jewelry grade. The lab grading report is important because it reflects the quality and value of the jewelry. The credibility of the source is highly important, so make sure you get your grading report from trusted sources only. Some of the best places to get your diamond grading from are the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and the American Gem Society.

  • Know what type of diamond jewelry you have. This is another important step in selling your diamond jewelry. Visit a trusted jewelry appraiser to have your jewelry piece/s evaluated for quality and authenticity. Ideally, you need to visit two to three appraisers to get an average appraisal value. This will give you the best point of reference to determine what price to sell your jewelry for.

  • Be realistic. When you are selling used diamond jewelry, you must be realistic in setting a price. It might show signs of wear and tear. Even when you do your best to keep the diamond jewelry in good condition, it will not be valued as highly as a brand new piece. Keep your prices competitive yet realistic without compromising on the real value of the piece/s.

  • Know where your selling options are. Aside from selling directly to buyers, you can also leverage other selling platforms. There are lots of options available such as online dealers, pawnshops, and more. Consider the pro’s and con’s for each option so you are better informed on where you can get the most value.

Where to Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs?

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