Why You Should Get a Professional Jewelry Appraisal in Colorado Springs

Perhaps you have a piece of your jewelry collection that you’re ready to let go. Maybe you would like to re-sell it? In some cases, you’re just curious how authentic it is and how much they’re worth.

Through seeking a professional jewelry appraiser, you can get your treasured jewelry examined. You will also be given exact figures regarding its amount of how much they cost in dollars. But aside from that, did you know that there are tons of other reasons why people get their pieces examined?

What to Look for and Reasons for Getting a Jewelry Appraisal

Find a certified jewelry appraiser to match the purpose of your appraisal.

There are actually 27 types of appraisals with various purposes. Some of the examples of why people get appraisals are for reasons such as reselling, tax or state, insurance, and even for donation. It’s very important for you to get an appraisal process that corresponds to your purpose.

Some of the key points you need to look for an appraisal are the following:

  • Grading procedure and measurements to be given to you with an explicit explanation
  • Seal or signature by an authorized, certified appraiser, a certificate where you can get a statement of the appraisal purpose
  • An appraiser who you can have an open discussion to ask further questions.

Diamond Jewelry Appraisal and Grading

Diamond jewelry is assessed differently compared to your other pieces.

There is a huge difference when it comes to your diamond pieces. You have learned that jewelry appraisal is the process of which your jewelry will be given a monetary worth. Thus, diamond jewelry grading is the in-depth assessment of the stone.

For short, the appraisal doesn’t indicate the true value of your diamond jewelry. It’s also important to know of the diamond grading which is based on its 4 c’s: carat value, cut, color, and clarity.

The grading will be assessed by certified professionals in notable gemological laboratories like GIA or IGI. If you happen to know your diamond jewelry’s carat and its other basis of grading, you can get an approximate value of your piece.

When You Should Get an Appraisal

The moment you have your jewelry with you, it is best advised to have them appraised. In that way, you can get your fine jewelry insured as soon as possible. It is fundamental to know that diamonds and metals’ value increase over time, so have them appraised at least every five years.

To make sure that you get the full current value of your jewelry, also note that a decade old appraisal will most likely be far less than what it’s actual cost.

Jewelry Appraisal in Colorado Springs

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