Avoid These Common Mistakes When You Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs

Published: January 17, 2019

Know and understand the common mistakes when selling jewelry and learn tips on what you can do to avoid them.

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Expert Tips on Jewelry in Colorado Springs: How to Clean Old Jewelry

Published: January 10, 2019

Do you need to restore your old jewelry to its former sparkle and shine? This is a complete step-by-step guide on the proper way to clean jewelry.

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How to Find Top Quality Custom Jewelry in Colorado Springs

Published: December 20, 2018

Find out about the process of creating and finding the best quality custom jewelry in Colorado Springs by reading this guide.

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How Long Do Jewelry Repairs in Colorado Springs Take?

Published: December 13, 2018

Find out about the process of repairing pieces of jewelry in Colorado Springs and why jewelry repairs and restorations take as much time as they do.

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Trusted Jewelry Buyers Colorado Springs’ Tips on Buying Authentic Native American Jewelry

Published: December 06, 2018

Don’t get duped when buying Native American jewelry. Arm yourself with tips on how to spot the fake from the not, and where to best shop for these items.

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How and Where to Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs for a Big Profit

Published: November 29, 2018

Your heirloom jewelry will fetch a good price when you follow this selling guide. Get appraisals, clean and polish jewelry, and read other tips.

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Need to Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs? Get the Best Price with These Tips!

Published: November 22, 2018

Here’s how to sell your jewelry in Colorado Springs and get top dollar for it. Know where you should take your precious items for a good profit.

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Guide to Ring Sizing in Colorado Springs

Published: November 15, 2018

Buying an engagement ring is a huge undertaking. Follow these tips on ring sizing in Colorado Springs to ensure you get the perfect ring for your loved one!

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Tips for Selling and Jewelry Appraisal in Colorado Springs

Published: November 08, 2018

Are you looking to sell your jewelry in Colorado Springs? This guide will show you what steps you need to take to gain maximum profits.

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Guide to Sell Silver in Colorado Springs and Gain Good Profits from a Sale

Published: October 25, 2018

This guide shows you how easy it is to sell silver in Colorado Springs if you know what to do and where to go to get the best value for your silver jewelry.

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Tips for Buying Silver from Jewelry Stores in Colorado Springs

Published: October 18, 2018

Before you buy silver jewelry from jewelry stores in Colorado Springs, follow these tips so you can get the best value for your money.

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Colorado Jewelry Stores: Who Should You Buy Diamonds From?

Published: October 11, 2018

Colorado jewelry stores are plentiful. Find out which one would be the best to work with for your diamond jewelry needs. Consider Lane Mitchell Jewelers.

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Where to Sell Gold in Colorado Springs - How to Find the Right Gold Jewelry Store

Published: October 04, 2018

Where to sell gold in Colorado Springs? Follow these tips and recommendations so you can find the right jewelry store to sell to and get the best price for your gold jewelry.

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Tips for Buying Diamond Earrings from Colorado Jewelry Stores

Published: September 27, 2018

Are you shopping for diamond earrings? Use this guide to help you find where to buy jewelry from and how to pick the right style.

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Guide for Diamond Buyers in Colorado Springs When Shopping for Stud Earrings

Published: September 20, 2018

Buying diamond stud earrings can be confusing for the uninitiated. Follow these guidelines to get the best diamond stud earrings that are worth your investment.

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Avoid Selling Mistakes, Get Jewelry Appraisal Colorado Springs, Follow Other Tips

Published: September 14, 2018

Get maximum value from a jewelry sale by avoiding common mistakes many sellers make and knowing how to handle transactions better.

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Where to Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs and How

Published: September 07, 2018

Get the best value out of your diamond jewelry. Follow these tips and guidelines on selling diamond jewelry.

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Finding the Best Place to Sell Jewelry in Colorado Springs

Published: August 31, 2018

Are you looking for the best place to sell jewelry in Colorado Springs? Use these guidelines for choosing where and how to sell gold jewelry.

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Jewelry Appraisal Colorado Springs: Maximize Your Jewelry’s Selling Value

Published: August 24, 2018

Expert jewelry appraisal in Colorado Springs is crucial to get the maximum value when selling your jewelry pieces. Here are tips to help you choose the right appraiser.

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Sell Precious Gems to Jewelry Stores in Colorado Springs - Here’s How You Do It!

Published: August 17, 2018

This article will help you know what to do if you’re looking to sell your jewelry or jewelry materials to stores in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Tips on Maintaining Your Jewelry According to a Jewelry Repair Colorado Springs Expert

Published: August 10, 2018

Don’t wait for your jewelry to lose its value due to damage. Maintaining your precious pieces need not be that hard. These tips will help make them sparkle for years.

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Diamond Ring Maintenance and Jewelry Repair in Colorado Springs

Published: July 27, 2018

The maintenance of a diamond engagement ring requires knowledge and experience. Find out how to keep your precious ring in pristine condition with these tips.

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Tips for Buying Custom Diamond Engagement Ring from Jewelry Colorado Springs Experts

Published: July 20, 2018

There is no need to spend your three-month worth of salary for an engagement ring. Buy an affordable custom diamond engagement ring without too much fuss.

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Colorado Jewelry Shopping Guide: Diamond Engagement Ring

Published: July 13, 2018

When shopping for diamond engagement rings, you can use this guide to know what to look for before heading to a nearby Colorado jewelry store.

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Engagement Ring Cuts - Choosing the Right One for You

Published: July 06, 2018

Use this guide to know the most popular engagement ring cuts, perfect for when shopping for one in jewelry stores in Colorado Springs.

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Sell Your Gold Jewelry!

Published: November 28, 2017

We buy diamond engagement rings and estate and vintage jewelry. We also buy loose diamonds and gemstones. We buy scrap gold, broken chains and single earrings! Sell gold jewelry to us, we do not melt it, we restore it and find it a new loving home!

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